Online dating theory

Online dating is renowned for just how efficiently it can open up a vast pool of potential partners.

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Online dating theory

A payoff matrix (below) can be constructed as a visual representation of the game.

The table represents a normal-form game between a man and a woman (for the sake of this example, they are both non-premium members), with payoffs and costs measured in terms of : one player has to guess how the other player will play the game – then act accordingly.

Only when a match occurs does he consider her profile and decide whether to start up a conversation. Assume that considering a profile takes as little as two seconds (based on the reasonable assumption – in accordance with Bateman’s principle, that initially men are concerned primarily with physical attractiveness, so spend time only considering her pictures, not reading her bio).

It follows, then, that the only scenario in which auto-swiping is the optimal strategy for men is when they are matching so often that the time cost of considering every profile actually takes less time than does auto-swiping (which is unlikely for all but the most desirable lothario! Conversely, a woman’s swiping behaviour is then reinforced: she knows she will likely match with any man on whom she swipes , and hence necessarily becomes much choosier in order to not waste her own time.

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At the heart of the theory lies the mathematician John Nash (subject of the gorgeous 2001 film .

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