Online dating spam new york dating coach review

If you receive one of these warnings, do not visit the site.

However, just because a website does not generate a warning, does not mean it is legitimate.

Educate yourself on these common warning signs that can help prevent you from falling victim to scam websites.

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Also, watch for URLs that begin with the website you expect, but have extra characters at the end or unusual punctuation (.

If there are any characters or words that look out of place in an otherwise normal URL, you may be on a phishing site built to look just like a trusted website. No Business Contact Information is Listed Reputable businesses provide legitimate contact information.

Scammers are constantly creating fake websites and it takes time for the browsers to detect them.

Unusual URL Structure The URL is the address of the website, found at the top of your web browser, for example, https://

You meet someone great online – either on social media or a dating app.

Their profile is impressive, and they’re quick to compliment you.

And be careful of clicking on suspicious links in email messages.

If you are asked to log in after clicking a link in an email, be careful.

They tell you that they have detected a virus or an error on your computer, and probably warn that you will lose all of your data if you shut down or restart your computer.

In order to fix your computer, they direct you to a website where they instruct you to click on a link, download software, or input a special code, which allows them access to your computer. If you do, the scammer can look on your computer for your personal or financial information, add malware that really will infect your computer, or add spyware so they can get your information in the future.

Make sure to verify their statements outside of social media in case their account has been compromised.

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