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We weren’t surprised by many of the results since a lot of states landed in the same place as last year’s study.One of the biggest differences in this year’s data is that Washington, DC, didn’t make our list since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention didn’t release information on sexually transmitted diseases for Washington, DC.The trait Utah and Idaho share is their sizable Mormon populations.

Online dating can be a lot of fun, and you can meet some amazing people.

But stay aware of common dangers you can encounter in the process, and take measures to protect yourself.

It’s a bit more difficult to compile data on New Hampshire’s sex education requirements because the Granite State leaves many curriculum decisions up to officials on the local level.

However, New Hampshire’s governor recently signed a bill that will require schools to inform parents when their students are being taught sex education.

To improve our scoring this year, we adjusted the cybercrimes included in our study to reflect only those most pertinent to online dating.

That means we’re focusing on romance frauds, threats of violence, personal data breaches, and crimes committed on social media.

But don’t get too excited for North Carolinians—their state still has the sixth-highest STD rate per capita. With its relatively low violent crime and cybercrime rates, Mississippi still isn’t the worst state for online dating.

Maybe they should stop trying to buy their condoms online, what with all the delivery issues . But until it allows schools to talk about contraception and STIs without explicit permission from the State Department of Education, it probably won’t climb back up the ranks any time soon.

What a special way for a position, I write on the internet dating advice, so why should I encourage people not to read?

Clearly, I think there are some good dating advice on the internet or I would not waste my time writing tips and tricks dating.

The least densely populated state is a tough place to police, and it’s only going to get worse due to its shrinking resources for the Department of Law. Other studies have shown that Louisiana and Arkansas are also hotbeds for teen pregnancy.

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