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The ODA aims to pre-empt and prevent problems by testing members against our Code of Practice before they can come into membership – and afterwards.’‘Our Code of Practice and our advice for the public on the best and safe use of services was published in December 2013. It focuses on the core issues for users: the clarity and honesty of the services offered, the protection of user’s personal information, the proper operation of services and the advice and help we give users to make dating as enjoyable and safe as possible.’ So here too, the first 3 standards are ‘general industry’ regulations.

But the 4th claims protection from harm, deception and loss.

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Great to have many industry & stakeholders in the room.

Progress in understanding a govt approach to all forms of digital harm & how dating and other sectors might focus on those of high relevance to them.

The ODA haven’t replied to my email on which ‘regulation’ this actually is, other than mere and what consequences are in place to the members who don’t comply?

A news article on How to stay safe when online dating gives 6 key points of how to stay safe but the Date Great: Date Safe link is broken. The part of the code that details this is here: Section 3.

It seeks also to inform policy makers and to promote messages to users that minimize the risk of harm." data-medium-file="https://i0com/ fit=300,300&ssl=1" data-large-file="https://i0com/ fit=512,512&ssl=1" / In the rapid growing industry of online dating, concerns should also be growing over the lack of regulation for the entire industry.

Adding Fred to the board will further support our team with this important work.” The ODA aims to work collaboratively, developing a set of shareable industry standards in the form of best practices, advice and guidance to maintain public trust in dating services.

“The ODA has been integral in helping to establish standards for the online dating industry,” said Mr. “Their work serves to benefit user safety and influence online policies and their safety efforts are closely aligned with those of The Meet Group.

#itsnotok Uelq7H85Y Stay #datesafe to date great: Going on a date with someone new is exciting, but it's always right to take steps to ensure you stay safe when meeting up uk/#onlinedating Data protection responsibilities: Don't forget the basics - ODA issues a reminder to the sector of the need to understand responsibilities in the countries in which they operate #onlinedating uk/news/data-prot…

Thanks to all who attended our event yesterday on rich content dating.

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