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Observed non-procreative sexual activities include non-copulatory mounting (without penetration, or by the female), oral sex, genital stimulation, anal stimulation, interspecies mating, and acts of affection.

Lions are known to engage in sex to create bonds and interact with each other.

Researchers stated that after primates participated in a heated, physical fight; both primates involved in the fight would hug and have a mouth-to-mouth kiss.

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Methods MSM were recruited at the Sexually Transmitted Infections Clinic in Amsterdam, in 2008–2009.

Non-reproductive sexual behavior consists of sexual activities animals participate in that do not lead to the reproduction of the species.

Unlike other primates aggression is substituted with sex.

Sexual activity in bonobos is very high, yet the rate of reproduction is the same as a chimpanzee.

Sexual interaction has also been witnessed in female bonobos to avoid aggression.

When hungry, the female bonobo will approach a male bonobo and engage in sexual activity to avoid aggression.

Many studies have concentrated on the brain reward system and how similar it is across mammals.

Through extensive research, scientists have been able to conclude that the brain reward system in animals is extremely similar to that of humans.

Female bonobos have been observed to engage in sexual activities to create bonds with dominant bonobos.

Having created this bond with the male, they will share food with each other and not compete with each other.

Background Men having sex with men (MSM) frequently use the Internet to find sex partners.

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