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Since I’ve covered other makes of trains, someone asked me how to sell Lionel trains.

So I thought I would give similar advice on selling Lionel trains.

I collect O gauge Marx and American Flyer, and Lionel to a lesser extent.

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But if you keep your expectations realistic, you’ll find an eager buyer, or ideally, at least two interested buyers so you’ll realize a good price at auction.

Although television will try to convince you otherwise, not all old trains are rare or exceptionally valuable.

Identify whether the train has a particular theme or design.

If the train has a theme linking it to space exploration, such as the Cape Canaveral Train Set, then it was made during the 1960s.

You’re going to need to know about eras in order to sell Lionel trains on Ebay. Rarity and condition has more to do with value than age does.

Most modern-era stuff isn’t especially valuable, because Lionel can fire up more production if secondary market prices increase above retail value.

In the 1950s, every boy wanted an electric train, kind of like they want a video game machine today.

Lionel was the longest running brand in the United States at the time, and they sold millions of them.

Lionel is an iconic, legendary part of Americana, so there will always be some market for its products.

That said, don’t expect to get rich selling off your Lionel trains.

Marx introduced his trademark line of electric and clockwork tinplate trains in 1935. Look for the Marx logo on the underside of one of the train's cars.

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