dos and don39ts of online dating profiles - Observablecollection not updating ui

I know from reading other SO articles that property changes in the object are harder to pick up than say, removing an item or adding an item to the List View.

observablecollection not updating ui-32

Is there a problem with my XAML code or is it a problem in model and/or View Model? Since the Obervable Collection is created by the UI thread it throws an exception if another thread is adding/manipulating the collection.

To get rid of this problem i found the following solution that implements an Asynchronous Observable Collection.

So I assume that the Collection Changed event gets fired and the UI is calling my Log Entries property.

But I don't understand why the List View does not show any data.

The changed does not mean when child properties are changed, but when you change the item at any index.

So when you modify a collection item you will need to notify the binding that the property was changed.

This was so I didnt have to bind to Selected Customer. The Selected Customer property has a get and a set method, and the set calls On Property Changed for the OTHER property, Customer Summary Details, letting the XAML know that the underlying collection has changed and to update.

The problem is though that when I update an item within the collection, it is not reflecting on the GUI, despite all the right events being called.

To do this, I have created a separate property on the View Model called Customer Summary Details which contains simply a get, that returns the collection contained within the customer I mentioned above.

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