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In order to obtain copies of your medical records dating after October 13, 2013, please fill out the form pertaining to the type of records you would like released: Medical Records or Mental Health Records.

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“People value authenticity because it more accurate.” The researchers did note, however, that the specific context a photo is used should factor into choosing a candid or posed shot.

For instance, additional data collected showed that people are more interested in hiring someone who used a posed rather than candid photo on Linked In.

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People often assume that a curated, polished version of the self will generate the most favorable responses—that by smoothing rough edges and presenting one’s best side, others will like and want to interact with them more. While most social media and online dating site users post posed photos of themselves to connect with new friends and dates, new joint research from NYU Stern Professor Alixandra Barasch finds that candid photos elicit more favorable responses in the context of friendship and dating because they seem more genuine.

But this assumption is not always correct,” the authors write.

“In some cases, viewers prefer an unvarnished picture because it seems more genuine,” explains Professor Barasch.

The paper, co-authored by Professor Barasch and Jonah Berger at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, is titled “A Candid Advantage?

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