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On a mobile device, tap open the Google Calendar icon, open the Menu icon in the top-left corner and select Settings.

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Earlier this week the New York times officially ended support for their Windows 8 and Windows 10 apps.

While the end of support on Windows may have come as a surprise, The New York Times hasn’t only focused on Windows, and has now also officially shuttered the NY Times Now app for Android and i OS.

Microsoft still doesn't seem to understand smooth integration / implementation, and has some serious issues with abandoning accepted standards (POP3!!!!!!!!!!! In the App Store, I had six apps that said they had updates available. My system date is correct, time is correct, everything else is just fine. Is the updater bogging down as X number of people attempt to update the same apps at the same time?

green dots are flying across the top of the screen, but nothing appears to be updating.

Microsoft also notes that if it has been less than 31 days since you upgraded your PC to Windows 10 in the first place, you will not see November Update immediately because the system gives you a month to decide if you want to abandon Windows 10 altogether to return to your previous version of the system. You can switch off the feature from either your desktop browser or the Google Calendar app on your mobile device, but Google warns that doing so removes all the past events added from Gmail.

On your computer, open Google Calendar and click the cog-shaped Settings icon in the top-right corner. On the Calendar Settings screen, scroll to “Events from Gmail” and turn off the checkbox next to “Add automatically” before you click the Save button.For those of you who subscribe to the NYT and read it on your Kindle, Amazon has stopped supporting this function / app. If this applies to you too I'm sure you're pissed too. The post also addresses the fact that the staff who built NY Times Now are now deeply involved in transforming the main news products of The New York Times.Ultimately, though, NY Times Now will stop providing news later in September.Problems with default apps being changed or deleted have also been reported.

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