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Jones always had an affinity for the music of Bill Evans and Billie Holiday, among other "oldies".

She once said, "My mom had this eight-album Billie Holiday set; I picked out one disc that I liked and played that over and over again".

I was spending too much time playing video games and realised I hadn't read a book in a year. We told our parents it was a temporary absence from college but deep down we knew we wouldn't be back.

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After her unmarried parents separated in 1986, Norah lived with her mother, growing up in Grapevine, Texas.

She attended Colleyville Middle School and Grapevine High School before transferring to Booker T.

Norah Jones reveals all She's a multi-Grammy award winning singer who enjoys people telling her she's attractive and give her a vintage guitar over new clothes anytime Singer-songwriter Norah Jones rocketed to fame at the age of 22, with her debut album Come Away With Me grabbing five Grammys on one night in I'm currently reading Geek Love by Katherine Dunn.

But I do wish my sister, Anoushka, hadn't told everyone about our matching tattoos, though - I was hoping to keep it a secret!

As a child, Jones began singing in church and also took piano and voice lessons. She considers herself spiritual and appreciates the rituals of her church but does not consider herself deeply religious.

She attended Interlochen Center for the Arts during the summers.When we meet in London's Covent Garden Hotel she's dressed casually in layers of soft greys that show off her petite frame.Having Jude Law licking my face for three days solid was a surreal experience. My character had passed out on a table and Jude had to come in and kiss some cream off the corner of my mouth.There was nothing on offer during the four-hour ceremony so I was starving.I'd rather splash out on a vintage guitar than buy new clothes Obviously I grew up with just my mum, but my relationship with my dad is just fine.While in high school, she sang in the school choir, participated in band, and played the alto saxophone.

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