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Standt you both lere, whil e I go and-hail hlitlm." As IXartnstahle wal kedt rapidly towards tle dhedge, that in part co(ctoaled(A the strantger, thle lattet stopped sti(ldenly, and seenmed to be i e doubt w I-h,.:ther to advt:'Clc or to retre'at.t:etr)le( he had d4t.cice(df 11 ci(tl C, t Ilc acti Xve slailor w\ats withintr a feiews l~of hitn.' P'ray), Sir," s aidl Blarnst ilale,) whlat w Satelr h:;'ive we ilt tthis'y?The sho)lt (lday of tlhat l igh northern latitu de was already (drawving to a (dose, n(1 the sutn was t:lhrowing his p)artins3 ray:s obliqutely across t11, waters, touchin" the e0l ooi1y waves here and(l t Ilere xvith streaks of p)ale ligit.

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you are not on a whaling voyage, where every tltingt that ofl' Irs is game, I" saitd larntstable, turning himself pettishly saway from tihe (east,; as if he distrusted his own.

fbrbearance "b, though I should hardly call it a leejacket....yet lie may be our man.

"'; should tlhink it woul(t he thle water of tthe s: sire, ltiyout cunnin is also eqluat to tetliiln!

tme how long: wte shl sjaltl ourn toetherl', it' I make ytou a prisonter, il orlder to enjoy thie benefit of youtl wit?

The privileges of the Htistorian and of the wr-t ter of Ronmuances are very dlifierent, and it behooves them equally to respect each other's ritlhts.

If, however, some 0old seaman sitould hatppen to detc -t any trifling anacholnisms in marine usages, or imcthanical imlprovements, thte Autlhori begs teave to say to him, with a propet defertence for his experience, that it was not so much his intention to d(escribe the customs of a particulat age, as to paint those scenes wh1ich belong only to the ocean, andlt to exhibit, in his imp)erfect manner, a few traits of a people, who, from the Irature of things, can never be much known.lie will probably be toldt( that Smollet h Ias done all this )efore him, and in a much better m:ianhor.It wilt be seen, however, that, though he Iats navigated the same sea as Smollet, h)e has steered a different course; cr, in otherl wlords that hle.i]as considered wvatt Smollet bhas l)aint(ed as a pi:lturte whtlich is finishled and which is not to be (lat-ubcd over by every one \who mlay choose to handle a pencil on marin1e subjects.How little is klnownt of his actions Nwith the 1Milford and the Solebay; of his captures of the r)lake and'itl t rirmph; and of his repeated and Ut1sperate projects to carry the war frito the island homne' of our powerful elnemy.Very mlany of the oliicers \Iwho served in thlat contest were to be found, attcrwards, inl the navy of the confederationt; andt it is ihit to presutme that it owes no small part of its present character to thle spirit that descended from the h}eroes of the revolution.which proved to be a fit ox, quietly rumnltating tltltt1 a t hedge near' theat " T'heore's many a hungry fellow aboard of us," sai(l the boy meirrily, " who would be glad to se.

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