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But I just checked and the permissions on /etc/no-ip2should be like so It was 600, but didn.t work either, so I followed tips from the thread I linked and changed it to 644. Anyway, I rerun noip2 -C, this time with sudo (don't remember if I used sudo the first time), will see how that goes...

no ip linux not updating-77

although i don't even know what was the problem and what fixed it Hello All, I just want to share my systemd configuration.

The daemon now automatically start noip2 service and also succesfully updated the IP address. Sakura:-Mobo: MSI X299 TOMAHAWK ARCTIC // Processor: Intel Core i7-7820X 3.6GHz // GFX: n Vidia Ge Force GTX 970 // RAM: 32GB (4x 8GB) Corsair DDR4 (@ 3000MHz) // Storage: 1x 3TB HDD, 5x 1TB HDD, 2x 120GB SSD, 1x 275GB M2 SSDMaking lemonade from lemons since 2015.

then i left home with laptop, got on another wireless and here's the output of journalctl -u noip2-- Reboot -- Feb 23 wslap noip2[420]: v2.1.9 daemon started with NAT enabled Feb 23 wslap noip2[417]: Can't gethostbyname for dynupdate.Feb 23 wslap noip2[417]: Can't get our visible IP address from ip1.dynupdate.Feb 23 wslap noip2[417]: !

Last_IP_Addr =, IP = I was getting those read-only errors too.

And it was apparently reading the config file when user nobody had no rights to read it.-edit-It starts as root, reads the config and changes to nobody.

The section of the code responsible for saving looks dubious to me, but I'm not a programmer.

See, this is something you should have mentioned in the first post.

In fact, you actually made it seem as though you didn't understand why you needed up configure it.

2)What port(s) are you using for your application (HTTP: 80, SSH: 22, WEBCAM...) It's not working due to the forwarding action you mentioned.

You need to forward your ports to a private IP that your raspberru PI has in order to access you device.

), but forwarding it didn't help either...i'm sure it's something stupid, probably permissions related, but i can't find out ideas are welcomethanks Does it autoupdate when you start noip2 manually and leave it running?

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