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That ultimately results in Miles getting some Murtz love as well (no, not literally) as he is Lara’s partner.Actually, with the rumors that they might be dating swirling around given the intensity of their recent performances, maybe I should be rooting against Miles! Lara & Miles came out dressed in ice cream scooper outfits which they promptly tore off seconds into the Benji Schwimmer-choreographed West Coast Swing.Tre commented on the fact that Lara & Miles kept drawing the tougher routines and Jean-Marc Genereaux said something about it being soft and smooth and wild and crazy at the same time.

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There is a catwalk on top (where we usually see host Leah Miller at the top of every show), and this also allows some audience members to get a bird’s eye view of the dances.

The judges are set-up to the left of the mosh pit area (where the majority of the audience members stand) and this pit is in front of a few traditional seats where most of the VIP’s in attendance (including guest choreographers) park themselves.

So You Think You Can Dance Canada premiered last week-and the excitement is only just beginning.

Auditions continue across the country: catch them tonight at 8 pm on CTV or Sunday on Muchmusic.

Tre, unfortunately, is in the middle and that simply doesn’t work. It seems like the much-maligned pair of Natalli and Francis have been in the bottom ever since the pair started. It’s certainly not because of a lack of personality, at least from Natalli’s end as she has popped on the screen each time that she has been on it. Rex Harrington really got a laugh from the crowd when he said that the pair made “sexy Rexy Rocket to the Stars.” (which was an obvious jab at Mary Murphy’s hot tamale train).

That’s obviously why she has been able to save herself so many times. This week, the pair had theatre and they did a good job with Natalli playing the role of a scorned woman. Tre said that she didn’t want to lose the pair (a sign of things to come?It was very reminiscent of Jessica and Will’s ‘Adam & Eve’ number from the U. In my opinion, the judges either have to critique or be entertaining.We all know what categories Mary Murphy, Nigel Lythgoe and Jean-Marc fit under.Six seasons later, even I couldn’t predict how wrong I was and how I now believe that the show is even better than American Idol.This is why when I first heard about So You Think You Can Dance Canada, I was completely optimistic this time around. So You Think You Can Dance Canada is the hottest ticket in town.We sat down with host Leah Miller to talk about all things dance-related: from her favourite moves to attempt in the privacy of her own home to which performance on the show has moved her the most.

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