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BILBAO, SPAIN – NOVEMBER 04: Nicki Minaj poses in the Winners room during the MTV EMAs 2018 on November 4, 2018 in Bilbao, Spain.

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However, Kenneth got a pretty huge neck tattoo dedicated to Nicki that same month, which seems to suggest they were dating way before that but kept their relationship private.

(And here, I’m just going off the fact that if I were going to get a neck tattoo for a partner, I would probably want to have been dating them for a while, right?

He served seven years in prison, being released in 2013, and was on supervised release until this year. I hate to say it, but after #Nicki Minaj defended her brother (sex offender) and 6ix9ine (sex offender), I can't honestly say I'm surprised to hear she's now defending her new boyfriend- another sex offender. — Steacy Curry 💎 (@Steacy C) December 7, 2018 I think Nicki Minaj is at a point in her career where she’s tired, tired of opinions and tired of trying to make people happy so she’s being a rebel and living how she wants. — George M Johnson (@Iam GMJohnson) December 10, 2018 By that logic teenagers can't possibly be rapists nor can they rape people they're in relationships with…

Whether you’re a fan of Minaj’s or not, her affiliation with someone with a violent criminal history is enough to make anyone concerned. Y’all can’t even run ya’ll own life.” Everyone on social media is now a psychic. — Ah-Mazìn (@Masin Elije) December 10, 2018 So Nicki Minaj continues to promote her “relationship” with the convicted CHILD RAPIST Kenneth “Zoo” Petty👀 …. & she expects us to come to her defence when she "shines light on important issues" when she can make it applicable to her own situations👀 🖕 you Nicki Minaj — Rosalinde (@New Rosalinde_A) December 10, 2018 Nicki Minaj on IG says her new boyfriend who spent time in jail for rape, can't be a rapist because he was a teen and his victim was his GF.

But Minaj, who recently turned 36 over the weekend, is clapping back at critics.

While defending him on Instagram, she said of the attempted rape situation, “He was 15, she was 16 … That April, Nicki showed off a tremendous diamond ring."If that's who she decides to move on with, it is what it is," Samuels had told . I just know right now we are really, really enjoying each other's company."I'm not mad, I'm not bitter because if I wanted to make it work, I could've made it work… He's not the childhood friend I grew up with.""It's definitely real," Mill told The Fader in April 2015 (referring to their relationship, but maybe also the ring...), "but it ain't really time to get married yet. So, shout out to everybody in the world that's just trying to find love or be happy."Fair enough. "Like, I know everything about law and crime-solving.In fact, Minaj has offered up a pretty traditional view of love, marriage and motherhood—in that order.She told in 2014 that her biggest fear was not taking the time to settle down, to live her "personal life to the fullest.""If I'm done with my fifth album and I don't have a child by then, no matter how much money I have, I would be disappointed, as a woman, because I feel like I was put here to be a mother," she shared.Upon his release he was sentenced to five more years of probation. I don't need you you don't need me but we will always be linked in the public no matter what." He also, incidentally, accused her of stabbing him at some point. "But they survived the summer and Mill gifted her with a second massive diamond ring—however, neither diamond 1 nor 2 signified a betrothal."He and I are not engaged," Minaj clarified in 's "Year in Music 2015" issue.

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