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They then attend a speed dating event where they meet up to 25 people in one night for 3 minutes each.

After each date they mark down on their "matchcard" whether they'd like to see each person again, choosing as many or as few as they like.

If they don't receive a match (meaning 2 people picked each other) or if they didn't find anyone they liked, participants can attend a future event for free.

After the breakup of her marriage eight years ago, Gloria, a mother of one child, decided to join the world of online dating.

Later on, Cane's factory became the first to manufacture lead pencils in Canada.

Additional businesses opened in 1858, including the future Simpsons department store then called, "Simpson & Trent Groceries, Boots, Shoes and Dry Goods".

Newmarket Ontario may best be known as the birthplace of famous actor/comedian Jim Carrey, but its history dates all the way back to the year 1800.

In June of that year, a Vermont Quaker named Timothy Rogers traveled to the area surrounding Holland's Landing towards Lake Simcoe, looking for an appropriate place for a new Quaker settlement.But I was more upset about the hurt, the advantage taking. Sean Hopton said fraudsters take photographs from the web and build bogus lives on the Internet solely for the purpose of entrapping women looking for love.It took me a while to trust again.” This may sound like an especially devious scheme, but in the world of fraud, it’s neither shocking nor uncommon. “I would say to anyone using these sites to be wary and skeptical and don’t have blind trust in someone,” he said.“My friends, my family, everyone thought I was engaged to a rich guy and I was going to buy a home,” she said.“I was upset about the money, because I am not in a super financial position.In fact, his name was phoney, he was married, broke and police said he was a well-known fraudster.

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