Mysql not updating Have fuck date without sighning up

I am not advanced in Linux, but I feel that I understand it, but I just need to be pointed in the right direction, so if you require something to be provided or uploaded, just point me at where I can get it or excuse me for asking for some more information. I forgot to turn the Pi back on this morning, so I don’t have access from the office. What should I do if it does not create the tables or if they don’t have any content.Thanks in advance (hopefully) Fred Hi Tom, Thanks for the reply. I always thought that it simply refers to the database version as mentioned here I have made the change and rebooted, but I’m still not able to update the database and the TV Shows section is still not displaying. As a side note, dropping the database and restarting also doesn’t work. (Just to save me a step when checking it later) I have a feeling that it might not be happening, especially seeing how dropping the database and trying to update does nothing. What should I do if it does not create the tables or if they don’t have any content.Before taking logs I have dropped the My Videos database and restarted the Raspberry Pi, but I was still not able to update or clean the library.

mysql not updating-90mysql not updating-61mysql not updating-83

Raspberry Pi 2 in the bedroom with just OSMC installed and connecting to My SQL on the primary device External Hard Drive mounted on the Asus router with guest login (No username or password required) Problem I installed OSMC from scratch with the installer and updating to the latest version I installed My SQL, NZBGet & Medusa.

I then created folders for the network drive and configured fstab.

I’m leaving it to scrape overnight and I will check back again tomorrow morning to see if everything is still OK.

If it is I will then setup the fstab on the secondary device and connect it up again.

Setup Raspberry Pi 3 running as my primary device in the lounge connected via Wi Fi.

This has all the applications installed and does all the work.H, wondering if anyone can help with an issue I am having?I have a website that was built for me (no longer on speaking terms with the developer! The website has an interactive map divided into regions so when you click on a region all the counties in that region are part of the search criteria, each county has a tag id, relevant to the map region, in the database.One county is in the wrong region on the map but changing the tag id is not solving the problem.However when I add a new category to the tag id table it shows up immediately in the program without a problem Any ideas?It needs to be a network share for the other devices to be able to connect to the media. It is now busy scraping and creating the database again, so we are definitely getting somewhere.

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