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Hers was the first blog I came upon with a full archive, linking her earlier entries of substance in an index, which I duely copied.

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I got to some sites from the "featured" section on Xanga's front page, and I got to some sites from comments I enjoyed reading on other sites and visited from the comment they left.

The first few months I received "return comments" from people I visited, but didn't reciprocate further. 2007, but his blog intrigued me with it's new age wisdom and universal spirituality.

To the left, a humorous item relating to the theft of Munch's "Scream" painting in 2004.

I've never littered this blog with blogthings and stolen or borrowed images.

Dorothea visited my websites, left guestbook entries, and blog comments.

I could hardly wait till others began discovering the door I left open in cyberspace.

Each Blogger blog was to be the "updates" section to a particular part of my main website.

I mixed them all up on Xanga, much as I do to this day, with rotating "Electric Poetry" and "Photo" posts, observations, and insights.

(She is currently on hiatus, but I'm sure will be back soon) She not only read my then few archived blog entries, but clicked the header with the link for my main website All Things Mike and went exploring.

This is what I most enjoy, when someone understands that my blog is only the tip of the iceberg of my internet "universe." I'd had All Things Mike online for five years by then, but guestbooks and email were the only way I received feedback for my "art and literature".

She and Lisa are my "oldest" Xanga friends, from back before there was a "friends" module.

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