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Additionally, there are no laws protecting women against marital rape, where perpetrators are treated with impunity.Meanwhile, if a woman becomes pregnant from a rape, she is forced to keep the child because abortion is illegal, regardless of the scenario.

Laws and policies regarding sexual violence and harassment, requirements for sexuality and sex education, child and domestic labour laws are loose-fitting and weakly implemented.

Members of the LGBTQI communities are also not well protected, as there is a lack of understanding of queer identities.

Sex education and sexuality training are not mandatory in public education.

Young men and women are not well informed about consent, sexuality, sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy, childcare, or even the use of contraceptives.

Although there are some laws that look to protect women from rape and sexual harassment, they are poorly implemented.

In 2016, UNFPA reported on the lack of protections against cyber exploitation, revenge porn, date rape, marital rape and gang rape in Myanmar.

There are no laws or institutional protections that will pay for her medical or legal bills, but independent women’s rights group Akhaya Women have supported her during the legal proceedings.

If Akhaya did not step in to support her, her attacker would have been able to walk free.

That is not mentioning the lack of serious attention that is given to the protection of women and children in war zones and internally displaced persons camps.

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