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You can also try to pick up chicks at malls: For some more outside the box places to visit try Bhutan or some smaller cities in Japan.

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Tell them that you feel shy going out with girls in this country because people always stare.

Not every girl will say yes to having the first meet at your place, in fact most won’t.

We aren’t really sure what your personal needs are, but we have plenty to share about picking up single girls in Yangon for casual sex or a serious relationship.

You can find some good nightlife here, but don’t expect to meet a bunch of slutty women unless you are hitting on travelers from other countries.

One is that the Yangon girls are conservative so they will be hard to score.

On the other hand there aren’t a lot of tourists here and you are in a city with over 4 million people.

Some guys reading this might be planning a smash trip where they plan to come here, have as much sex as they can, and then move on to the next town.

Others may live here and might be looking for a wife, or a long term hook up buddy.

Looking for NSA relationship, possibly casual friends - depending on the person.

I'm DDF, Clean, Fit, Respectful and love to play... Am looking for good will friends to share ideals,life experience,create time for each other.

Day game is an under-utilized resource by many guys, never pass on an opportunity to say hello and see what you can make happen. Plus we have to give the best online dating site in Asia a shout out.

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