Free adult chat sites without needing a credit card - Muslim dating sites ranking

Mektoube: The most open site compared to the other four as it allows to accommodate people giving little importance to religion.

Another site for Muslims is placed in the ranking: This is Mek Toube, also one of the most used platforms and the doors of the top 10 most popular dating sites, with 2 000 000 registered.

In the end, why the Muslim community uses these dating sites and especially, for what reasons?

Why choose a Muslim dating site rather than a general site?

The main reason is to meet men or women who share the same faith as you and the same basic values.

Inshallah: Unfortunately, this site is best known for being linked to a scandal in recent years.

Indeed, news sites for the Muslim community such as or have made shattering revelations.And Muslima unfortunately, it turns out to be little serious compared to other sites specialized in the Muslim meeting.Indeed, it is much more professional on Mektoube, for example, which targets Maghreb and non-Muslim meetings as is the case for the Muslima platform.For example, on Muslim dating sites, this may include honesty of intentions, politeness and respect or modesty in relation to profile pictures.However, the online dating market for Muslims, like any dating site based on religious affinities, is a rather complex and delicate subject to discuss.Thus, it avoids so as not to waste time meeting people too different from you.

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