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Research from the University of Iowa suggests that bragging, i.e.

“That goes on in regular dating too to a certain extent,” warns Lovett. But in the cyber dating world, it doesn’t even have to be a version of yourself.

It can be a made-up persona.” Confidence is an attractive quality, but bragging is not.

While it’s an odd online dating hack, it could be worth giving a go.

You might want to stop sending those risqué messages if you want a real connection. “The flirting that people have online before they meet up is going to be a lot more suggestive because we’re more comfortable sending messages in our own space than we would be publicly.” Chill out and take it down a notch.

Spend time trying to get to know people online, rather than just looking at their pictures. You might want to spend more than a second considering your options.

Research from BMJ Journals suggests that starting your screen name with letters from the first half of the alphabet may help you be more successful.

While it’s fine to be proud of who you are and what you have to offer, you should also try to be modest.

Let’s talk about the trickiest task of all; choosing your profile picture.

“Often, the people that I work with say ‘We had no idea that we end up with this person’ or ‘it wouldn’t be the person that we would have been looking for’.” Flirty messages will only get you so far.

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