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The Graduate was a movie of its time...mostly targeted at a male audience..real and sensual older women were in foreign films.

I am sitting here ready to embrace 60 and I turn to an article supposedly in praise of older women and again I find no real discussion of real older women..stupid cougar references and as usual we are dumped into the postmenopausal garbage heap...

I am really tired of it..pleeze don't point out how I am not seeing your intent correctly...

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HT Cardiff Garcia"The research group, which was led by Judith Easton and included David Buss, conducted an online survey with 827 women..." This is a good article and all, but unless this was a random sample of some sort, these results have some bias and are thus suspect.

The paper is in press to be published with a peer review journal. As for caveats, the researchers include several that I didn't quite have time to go into.

Ultimately, I'll argue that they would be well-served to expand their search upwards, to women in their thirties and forties.

Now, The Headcase doesn't presently partake in online dating.

Let's hear it for all those self-confident "cougars"! As a 41 year old New Yorker who is a mom of a little four year old boy, is divorced (not of my own fault, the ex-husband left my son and myself) and has yet to embark on the dreaded dating-after-divorce, I kind of wondered if you were reporting on these findings with neutrality or even with a wink or smile, or, on the flip side, joking about them and sort of mocking women of my age group and the idea that women like myself might appeal at all to younger guys. The Ok Cupid data didn't feel strong enough to mention on its own, but the new Univ-Texas paper suggested that the trend indeed had legitimate, psychological roots. I have to say, I have been in two relationships with guys that were significantly younger than me, and those two relationships were the best ones.

My current boyfriend is 11 years younger than me, he is wonderful, caring, and more mature than most men my age.

Let's face it: self-confidence is irresistible and SEXY, no matter who we are, or what age we are.

It's just that many older women (including myself, at age 43) grow much more comfortable in our own skin as we get older.

As a result, the researchers contend:, Benjamin, Mrs. The research group, which was led by Judith Easton and included David Buss, conducted an online survey with 827 women split into three groups: pre-reproduction expediting (18-26), reproduction expediting (27-45), and menopausal (46-up).

The women were asked a battery of questions about their sexual thoughts, frequency, and willingness. Women in the throes of "reproduction expediting":, Mrs. These data ring true with current analytics from the online dating world.

Not that conversation is foremost on her mind: For the film, makeup artists went to work on Bancroft to widen the perceived age-gap between her and Hoffman. The age of thirty-six places a woman firmly in the center of the twenty-seven-to-forty-five range that psychologists are calling the period of "reproduction expediting." From early twenties to late thirties women lose about half their ability to conceive, according to previous studies.

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