Mpd not updating

The default alright if you don’t plan on importing too many playlists, but if you’re the type of person who imports and exports playlists between devices or from friends, it’s probably better to set this to a directory in You can set the user and group running the MPD server if you’d like.

mpd not updating-55

But the db or tag_cache as some call it has not been written. This is reflected in GMPC but again MPD does not update to reflect the new music_directory.

I remain baffled Do you have all the necessary permissions set up for mpd to write inside the new /music1/* directory structure?

The file that is included with MPD is fairly large and complete as well as well documented.

A lot of the configuration has already been set to intelligent defaults, so there isn’t that much need to change things.

I have mounted the NAS with CIFS and have pointed to the NAS for most of its files.

music_directory "/music1/Music" playlist_directory "/music1/MPD/Playlists" db_file "/music1/MPD/mpd.db" log_file "/music1/MPD/mpd.log" pid_file "/music1/MPD/" state_file "/music1/MPD/mpdstate" Voyage sees the files and they all have RW privileges. In some cases 100% of files will show, in others every other file is missing even thought it is on the NAS. It still contains the list of songs that were on the usb stick I first put in the ALIX to test sound.

Not only does MPD allow music to be shared and played over the network, but it also allows for numerous different front end clients.

These clients range from full graphical music players to minimal command line options. Ubuntu will unpack everything and start up the daemon.

The variable itself is, and accepts a directory path as a string in quotes.

This is the directory where the music that MPD will serve exists.

After running an update that takes 5 mins, it sees the directory of the /music/Music directory.

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