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She has good intentions, but her suggestions tend to be far-flung and unhelpful. Given that her total frame of reference is the wedding section, isn’t it more likely that she’s highlighting careers she thinks may be more compatible with (imminent) marriage than yours? ”I began attending a large group meditation to cope with some major life events. I’ve also been successful in figuring out my career on my own. (Or maybe not.) Just say, “Mom, I know you mean well. My day job requires lots of social interaction, so the meditation is a welcome escape. How would you feel about the truth, delivered kindly to a fellow meditator? So, if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to use the time before meditation to prepare quietly.

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My mother died after a two-year battle with cancer.

Her palliative care nurse (for much of that time) helped me wash and dress her body, and signed her death certificate. ANONYMOUSYour feelings are running hot right now, and understandably so, after your loss.

Nurses generally owe a duty of care to their patients — here, to your mom during treatment, but not after her death, or to her next of kin.

Still, like you, I’ve had loved ones who were helped by hospice and palliative care nurses.

When planning our wedding, my husband and I decided we would write our own vows.

Our love ranges from quirky and nerdy to morbid and minimalist, and we wanted to capture that personality in the ceremony.

The most likely cause of death was sleep apnea, a known condition of his.

It was a cold comfort as his family tried to rally together and pick up the pieces. I knew I would meet others who had some kind of experience with this sudden loss.

His dad had battled a variety of serious illnesses for several years but seemed to be on the mend.

One morning, when Eric woke up, the paramedics were there and his dad suddenly wasn't.

But so far, it felt like I just made everyone uncomfortable.

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