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One side of this mascara has a cream shade and the other – a coordinating shimmer shade.

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Marketers and graphic designers have long known that color plays a major role in the success of any marketing campaign.

Specific colors tend to stir certain emotions in customers, thus creating brand relevance and motivating purchases. Blue When you want to be viewed as trustworthy and cool, blue is the color for you.

This blue looks dark in the tube but is actually a bright royal blue that will make a dramatic impact, even when wearing no other makeup.

For those who don’t feel brave enough to wear a fully blue set of lashes, wear this colored mascara on your bottom lashes instead of eyeliner – it will really make the eyes pop. Christian Louboutin made his beauty debut in 2014, and his collection continues to grow.

The effects are much longer-lasting than just wearing the mascara.

The formula is enriched with moisturizing hyaluronic acid and repairing collagen.

You can find it in four more color options at Ulta Beauty.

This innovative serum mascara is a volume and length booster.

Not only will this colored mascara give you thicker and visibly separated green lashes but also it will transform them over time. This Dior classic was revamped in 2015 with a new enriched formula that contains microfibers for a lash extension look.

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