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The Bachelor NZ is in its third series with 22 women vying for the heart of sportsman Zac Franich.

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Mike puru dating

A contestant on a reality television show to find a life partner has been forced to reveal she was previously in a relationship with the programme's host.

In a dramatic plot twist the Bachelor New Zealand new "intruder" contestant Karina Grant has reluctantly confessed she and show host Dominic Bowden were once a couple.

Puru had been wearing a helmet which he believed saved him from facial injuries, as he escaped with just an abraded lip.

"My head hurts and my helmet's been pretty much munted - thank God I was wearing a helmet." And he has a message for other bike riders: "Always wear a helmet".

The TV2 show was pitched as a positive alternative to traditional news programmes on TV One and TV3, by mixing coverage of music, culture and fashion with harder news.

Text and email feedback from viewers was featured on-screen.

Focussing on Christian music, Parachute brought Christian musicians to a large young audience.

De Jong mentions that Parachute is more than just a festival — the organisation helps train and record young musicians, and includes a label and a publishing company. set out to make news accessible to a youth audience.

"My partner and his friend came to hospital and apparently were here till 2 or 3 in the morning.

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