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■ , 1882, die Polk County Journal The homestead, No. Procedures for electronically -sign- : ing a return are built into most tax reparation software packages. -Iruroost.cases, Boweveijevcn fofce^Jvh Vfilea* their "'returns 'electronically '■still'-had to ;mail &Joper signature document to the IRS. once considered the wave' of the future, is rapidly becoming a. Last year, some 686.0Q0 Minnesotans 'filed their returns electronically — about 30 percent of the more than 2.3 million -returns-receivedfrom people in the' . That number is expected to approach the 800,000 mark this year. Other than the usual number of bumps and bruises that every racer gets when he or she enters a demanding race like the Ironman 250, Erickson said he heard one report of a broken ankle and anoth- er report of on injury to a collar- bone. 5597, reported that "Baptiste La Bree, which comprised the West 1/2 of while fixing bis revolver last week, the Northeast 1/4 and me Northeast ipply-hl n June, trade." In June, two months before the homestead was completed, the Polk County Journal reported (hat "John" Ln Bre c is hnrd-n t work mnk- _ During 1883 Miss Helen Wallin taught a three-month term of school here, probably in the old trading post building. The new electronic signature option markedly expands the avail-' ability' of paperless tax filing, the LRS said; In recent years, the IRS offered a paperless filing option to a ■' limited number of taxpayers by assigning them ,a . Eliminating paper from the tax system significantly reduces the number of mistakes made by both taxpayers and 4he LRS and enables the tax agency to process tax returns and refund payments more quickly and accurately. .^ A growing number of companies now offer free or low-cost electron- • jc filing services to many of their customers. Erickson said there's always something he thinks he could have done differently or better, but he was' very satisfied with the race!

central counterdrug enforcement The grant is through the Office of. Green Funeral husband, parents, and a brother, Home of Thief River Falls was in Raymond. Maroawo Mii Cemetery in Benville township of Falls;' two nieces; a nephew; and Beltrami county. He was baptized in Josephine Knight, 97 East Grand Forks - Josephine E. January 11, 2001 at Altru Hospital in Grand Forks, N. ■■■■-■ ■ - A memorial service will be held at a.m. (Alvina) Knight of Worroad and Visitation will be held today Gail (Doris) Knight of Frankfort, ' . Neumillcr was bom children; four great great-grandchil- on April 23, 1903 at Lude, the dren; and a sister, Lillian daughter of Louis and Elizabeth (Asmus) Neumillcr. She also worked at January 18, at Larson Music Store. After Bart's death Phyllis Dalager in 1972, Dorothy continued to work will be the at the jewelry store until 1977.. and Barbara at Green'Funeral Home in Thief (Jerry) Oppermann of Crystal. On October 24, 1934, Louise was united in marriage to Olaf Alice Brager, 84 husband; parents; a son, Danny in' 1975; a grandson; and a brother, ' Edward Vacura Jr. Safety and liabili- ty issues were his greatest concerns.

research and development organizi- National Drug Control Policy tion of the United Stales: CTAC's (ONDCP) which was established "to set priorities for drug control. Green Funeral several grondnieces and grand- Home of Thief River Falls was in nephews. Roy Sandsmark was bom on May 14, 1921 in Benville township near Grygla. on Monday, January 22, at Bethel Lutheran Church at Greenbush with Rev. Interment will be in Bethel Lutheran Cemetery at Greenbush with Gieseke ' Funeral Chapel of vice in Roseau, before moving to Greenbush in 1943 where he farmed. (Wednesday, January 17) from 5 to 111.; two daughters, Beverly (Dale) 7 p.m. prayer service Carlson of Williams and Karen at Stennes Funeral Home in East . Trinity Lutheran On June 12, 1924, Dorothy was Church in Thief- united in 'marriage to Bart River Falls with , Wangenstein at Thief River Falls. Tim Bauer— She- worked-in-lhe-Wangenstein officiating. ■ organist, and the She was a member of Trinity soloist will be Le Roy Aasland. Interment will be ini, local ' figure skating group which - Greenwood -Cemetery--in -. Visitation will be held today Dorothy is survived by two .(Wednesday, January 17) from 5 to daughters, Marjorie (Ivan) Kadi of 8 p.m. AUomunai Ai T Ersklne - Alice Brager, 84, for- merly of East Grand Forks, died Monday, January 8, 2001 at Pioneer Memorial Nursing Center in Erskine. on Thursday, January 11, at Our Savior's Lutheran Church in ' East Grand Forks. Johnson told the board that seven to nine parents had to be lined up to drive to each of the team's out-of- town basketball games, and that up until Monday' night, they had .been, lucky.- He-was, - however,- short- two drivers for. evening's Roseau game and didn't know what the outcome would be.

The Minnesota Historical Society has reproduced- material in this microfilm without any purpose of direct or. ' -=^- , -■■ The Republicans always used to Other curds come prc-printed. "Thank you for your patronage in Senator Grams was very faithful, the (last year, from all of us at but no card this year. Seconds later, we enthusiasti- cally threw the confetti high into the air and danced recklessly until we Jell exhaustedly to the ground, pant- ing like marathon runntrs. Tlie smelt of bacon and V-- pancakes seeped down to the base- ment and we_ bound up the stairs like wild horses. Terri sent us right back down- stairs to clean up our enormous - mess, using the breakfast bribe as a , tantalizing promise. Stop By To Pick Up Prescriptions Or We Can Mall It To You Or Use Our Convenient Drive-Thru Window Mon. She thinks that Baby is quite a handful, and always on her hands! The team inherits a coach that turns out to be their worst nightmare.- Then they face their worst rival and warm up their battle on the ice with hilarious pranks that prove why they are called the "Mighty Ducks." MAGAZINE MENTION Would you like to extend the hol- iday spirit by donating time or -money to charitable causes? birdwatcnin$ and especially restor- Terr P 'Cuppett ing old classic cars. ABUNDANT LIFE LUTHERAN CHURCH AFLC 1602 Pannlngton Annuo • Thlof River Fall* Wetiay Longw. Pick up Crookston at 8, Ft Mentor at , Erskine at , Mcintosh at- 9: 10, Fosston at , Lengby at and Bagley at a.m. Pick up passen- gers in Mcntor_at_, Ersldne_at_ , Mcintosh at , Oklee at , . Geriti Uy at , Crookston at Center at 9-tf) a.m Marshall County January 3-9 January 3 - Arrive in Thief River- Falls at a.m. Worship Services at Naxarath (Holt): At II a.m.; Wednesday: Confirmation Naz. I Worship Services at United- (Geizke): Sundays in January at 1 1 a.m. In audition to the many time Penningtoncounty sheriff, was the January 4 Communist occupa- vehicles that traveled by road, the among the group of guardsmen tion of Seoul, Allies began to move well executed plan involved eight sworn into active duty on December Women of Today to host blood drive ct Terry Black Lance (right) of the Thief River Falls Racing Association presents Mike Sorteberg, president of the Pennington County Fair Association, a check for $500 for the grandstand fund. According to a January 18 story in 77ie Times, about 300 people, - including guardsmen, wives, girl- friends, parents and representatives of sponsoring organizations, had 27, " President Harry S. This Humphrey Institute Ronald Zavoral Ernest Rude Chester Swanson Palmer Overbye Robert Martinson Harvey Thompson Morris Flattum . Donald Kirchner opened devo- tions with "A History of Epiphany." The secretary and treasurer's reports were read and approved. Competing will be Pl Ummer, Red Lake Falls, Warren-Alvarado- Oslo and East Grand Forks. at thev Heritage Community Center in Thief River Falls. trftlmaa Ctifthmixom c nwatch «s 681-4450 CATCH THESE LOW PRICES il FF TO if OFF AM CAI E Ojnlltyavl Mnr JIItvarltliini LJN SALE -«*Mrt DTMm«h Uilfc I was a patient ^ at Dakota Heartland Hospital In Fargo. Get 3 months of premium movie packages FREEI Call for details. IP4t Bp accompanied by a cortlfled check, cashier's check, or bidder's bond in the amount of thro percent (5%) of the total amount of the bkt WITHDRAWAL OF BIDS: Any bidder may withdraw his bid at any Umo prior to the scheduled dosing Umo for the receipt of bids, but no bid shall be withdrawn for a period of thirty (30) days after the scheduled ■ closing time for the receipt of Was. Minnesota, with Federal Excise Tax and Minnesota State Sales Tax axduded. Letters of expla- nation may be attached If necessary. 4-wheel drive, 52,000 miles; 350 engine, exceb len| condition, $13,800/o.b.o., 681-0484. P4t7p Snowmobiles V6 POLARIS Indy Lite,' excellent shape, tow miles, 681-4408 atler p.m., ask for Mark. 1 •204-444-3779.' P4t Sp FOR SALE- 1992 Arctic Cat Prowler, 2- up, 440 with electric start and rovorse, nice, 2,400 miles. On Saturday afternoon Darrel and Shirley Swenson shared a belated Christmas with Uz Swenson and brought gifts and dinner to her home. Christmas Day evening visitors at the Roy and Laura Roppe home were Frank and Harriot Kujava. -Polarii; 4ih-Iaion Eipcieth, Thief River Falli -Arctic Cat: and Jlh-Arw Ranunen Jr.. Grygla-Gatzke dropped to 4- 7' after a tough included losses to Warroad 69-68 Tuesday, Warren- Alvarado-Oslo : 75-63 Thursday and . Kelly Bendickson scored two Soals for the Prowlers. It was the second win of the year over Browerville/Long Prairie/Grey Eagle for the Prowlers, who won.' the first meeting 2-0.

Several bond issues have reserves in excess of one year. So how can we provide physical activ- ity when it is cold out? ns ,0 oatiyu M branches.,ctc We keep it has 10.000 calories in cvcrysip V-Ifs not as if you'regbing to turn into ■-f S^, S„S " cg OTOsaho Ijc.q Lspmeuing Jt'sjitreal.^^^ two. Hllalro 683-3420 Worship Services: Sundays in January at II a.m.: Sunday School 10 a.m. 59 Sown- Thlof Brvor Fo M Tony Olson, Pastor Office Houre: : Weekday nwmjnos 8-l 2 Noon , ■-."■'■ 643: ■ Worship Services: Sundays ■Devotional hour on KTRF at 8 a.m.; Choir practice at a.m.: Divine Worship at a.m.; Fc IIowsh Jp/coi Tce al ' a.m.; Sunday School at 1 1 ojil; Wednesdays: Kids KJub at 6 p.m.; FLY at p.m.; Bible Study at 7 p.m. BERNARD'S 105 Knlflht Avenuo North *Thktl Rlvor Fulli Father Donris Wletano', Pastor 681-3571 • . * "I don't have any blood to spare." If you weigh at least 110 pounds andaie in good health, you do have enough to spare. The human body contains about 10 to 12 pints of blood. However' the actual needle stick in your arm should feel no more than a quick pinch. If a patien' u a transfusion, the necessary blot* will be available only because a. 2000 I'm Spending Christmas With Jesus This Year I sec the counilcis Ch Hitniu* trees, uround the world below. Can you jusi imagine Christmas, with our Savior face to face? Please let your hearts be joyful, and let your spirits sing. Wednesday, January 17 Aerobics at 9 - - - ""• — a.m. Le Roy Stumpf at a forum -titled "Horizons: A Prosperous Minnesota in 2010" held Jan. Humphrey Institute conducted with more than 50 elected officials and heads of professional, and civic ' groups indicated a strong need for. In addition, through a series of "listening posts," Minne- sota Planning identified major issues affecting the vitality of the . The University of Minnesota Planning, was designed to support en the leadership ability of elected Extension Service and Provost's Minnesota legislators as they devel- officials by providing the leadership Office were other sponsors of the op policy strategies to help ensure the state's success over the next decade. "If we can continue to develop a high-quality workforce, we will do well," he said. IS, LEC; male higher than business research, Statewidef 70-pcrccnt-of- : cighth- The following animals are being held in the police animal pound. The program is currently taking registrations for the winter quarter. If you did not receive a newsletter and would like -n KU^uaforrnation-on-ECFE,-ca Il — 681-8670. at Northland Community, and resource community and, according to student Angie Pommerening, "to give the world n lookjit where we " are going" in the future by showing both the talents and camaraderie that come from attending the Uni- versity of Minnesota, Crookston." Some of the events, such as the Mechanized Agriculture Skills Contest, will be held Jan. Looks great; but there are cer- tain streets I have been warned not to turn down lest I end up as a sta- tistic. While taking walks, I have been bawled out by no fewer than five Jewish grandmothers for not wear- tag a cap. Karen the owner, whose hair is died the same brownish red used by manywomen around here, serves 12 types of bagels. In Miami, it seems that many of - the people have been pre- .embalmed. -Dyed- hair, -fake -hair, .purple-hair: Heavy carnation scented perfumes. There's nothing more hideous than people with loo much money who refuse to age gracefully, who try to convince themselves with hair dyes and facelifts that they arc still thirty. Go down to the beach, and you will see mile after mile of sights we won't describe here. On the sidewalk in front of an Italian cafe, I paused by a table jammed with four generations of a large Italian- family, all talking at the same time, in Italian, waving their hands, eating pasta and rolling their r's— a delightful scene straight out of a movfe. Best of all, it can be viewed in a t-shirt and shorts, on -fooirondin-Januory. Northwest Medical Center reportstthe following births since last week's edition of The Times: . FOR ^ TODDLERS ACTIVITIES Teddy Bear Pknk ■' Have a picnic with teddy bears? Cut a strip of posterboard that will serve as a headband and "attach brown construction paper circles for ears. fit the neadband around'the child's head and secure the ends storytimes every Tuesday at These are co-sponsored by the Thief River Falls ECFB and : L£aramg*Reodines5CAlso"rtancm T. ") Little bear, little bear, Go to .sleep, go to sleep Close your little eyes now. Jaoy_tricks_.^ , _.„yet._ Someday, when he's ready, he'll learn to do tricks and everyone will know he's the best dog ever! These pooches on parade get a "two paws up" from dog lovers of all ages. 20 from 9 am to 10 a.m., projects will be open for pub- lic viewing. Special awards will once again be awarded to participants by local - businesses and organizations. Lunch was a work- ing lunch that allowed attendees to discuss questions and issues raised by the conference. What we may not know is how to handle this conflict Studies on anger suggest effective steps in dealing with anger and conflict involve appropriate expression and a readiness to deal with the issues that caused the . Trades consldored, 218-253-2171 days, 218- 253-2914 evenings. 417c 1988 S-10 Blazer "with sport package, 4- whool-drtvo with 81.000 actual miles, asking $2,200. Srfo WANTED- Buyers and sellers for public auto auction, Saturday, January 27th, 2001. Address all bids to: Kaytynn Wold, Purchasing Department, School District Service Centor. Proceed with caution K you are asked io send money or In catling 900 numbers, ATI phone numbers prefixed by "900" are charged to the caller on a per minute per call basis. Saturday evening Arnold and Ver- nice Larson went to Stranoqulst to visit with Shirley Lefrooth and Richard Larson. Sunday 7 Clane Carina $1,000 Data For Cub, -SEMI-PBO 440 - FInt-Jaiori Mc Anbur. Thief River Falls goalie Melissa Clark stopped 38 shots in the win. "We stilffeel like we can'play belter in the defensive zone. The VIklngs beat the Pioneers 64- Four MCC scorers hit double figures In 30- polnt yvln over Bears Four Marshall County Central scorers reached double figures Friday as the Nordics beat Lake of_ the Woods 72-42 in boys high -Scbrjolbasketbal La LBaudette.-- 2 3 4 T Orrata-Getzke... B/G-MR - TJ Super 13, Josh Sm Wl 11, Curl Chrle Oenson 13, Craig Christianson 30, Kevin r Oeraten 2, Aaron Murttar 8, Jeremy Petemonz. Ooodridge overcame a first auar- ter-double-rigure deficit to go ahead., in the third quarter, but the Huskies couldn't conmlete.the'task Friday, losing a 55-43 boys high school bas- ketball game at Red Lake Falls.

He was among the' participants of Open Arms Northern Lights chapter of the Pathfinders Club, who were learn- ing winter camping survival skills during an outing in Thief River Falls last week. for' this appointment as follows: leadership, department support, toy- _ ally, knowledge_of position, knowl- edge of department, work, experi 1 ^ encc, personality, community rela- tions, community involvement, deportment relationships, relations with other agencies and tempera- ment. 00I..-Debt_ Service Funds has a deficit of $ 147.600. On those days when your chil- dren arc rather "wild," won't coop- crate or are fighting with each other, it could be that they arc in need of jjojnc-rjhysical-aaivjtyi-l Lyou Ech Ui- drcn have an opportunity for regular physical activity you should notice that thdy eat and sleep better. CALVARY LUTHERAN CHURCH, ELCA Tori Cuppett, Pastor Wator Street* SI. The demand for blood and blood prod- ucts is constantly increasing. You cannot contract AIDS or any other disease - from donating blood; — — ' • "It's not my responsibility." Everyone in the community has a_ stake in an adequate blood supply. I can't tell you of live splendor, or the peace here in this plac£. ■ Hostesses were Mary Hanford and Mori Jo Kirchner. Cho Irpractices_nt^ip:i5_q.m^a LHeritagej C.ommunity Center._ opolis. Rolnick was one of several pre- •senters who addressed more than 100 Minnesota legislators, includ- ing Sen. The conference, developed in partnership with the Humphrey Institute at the Univer- sity of Minnesota and Minnesota Recent interviews that the.. ' "What I did not say was that the state needs more dot-coms, start- ups, high-tech companies or corpo- rate headquarters^ There's no such _thing_as_n^perfcct_ecan Qmyl^[o emulate, Rolnick added. 10, South Markley Avenue; two __ , t femnlebrown andwhitccatsr Dcc."' mental 68I-616lr~ " ' block cat. Contact the police deport- Thursday, January 18 - Senior Nutrition Council meets at 9 a.m. ECFE offers a wide variety of~ acuvities for children from birth up TRF Quitters Guild to kindergarten age and their par- ents. 4th & Hora ce • Thief RRfer Falls (218)681-3012 1 HP SB Effl to meet Jan.23 Thie f River F oils Quilters Guild il Hioid" its - monthly meeting on Tuesday, January 23, at 7 p.m. — — DANDREVLOW 313 Main Avmu* North Thtof Rlvar Falfe MN Phone:218-681-6579 ml WINTER CLEARANCE USINES: CARDS Formatted Business Cards Choose From Six formats And One Appointment Format Starting At Only $1 #zoo $1 ooo M. That extra room is in a neigh- -borhood filled -with-palms, beauti- - ful wild parrots, green grass, and decent_looking apartment build-, tags. Last week .temperatures plunged into the lower' sixties, which brought on a loud round of complaining at the local cafe. bear with the following project and also have his or her own picnic. Kids pay $5 for Haircuts Age 1-5 ' And By Age Up To 10 Yra. The following song can be sung at the e M of the picnic: Little Bear (Tune: J Are You Sleeping? Lottie wonders if Herbie's originality with words will shine through at the big poetry contest where the winner brings home a prize cake. Come romp with some of the friendliest pups you've ever seen! State winners will advance to international competi- tion on May 6 at San Jose; Calif. , ■ Under new business, it was noted the public speaking topics are in the newsletter. A motion to adjourn was made by Kayleigh Jesme and seconded by . Conference attendees were able to choose from eleven topics during two breakout sessions that complet- ed the morning. For more Infor- mation on buying or selling call 218-681- 7329 or visit our website at wwwjtwpubli- Northwest Public Auto Auction. Envelopes containing bids should be ckuuty rharked 'School Bus Sk T In the lower raft comer. P4t8p ■ NOTICE TO READERS While work-at-home advertising la often logltimato, wo advise readers to fully In- vestigate the background of any compa- . If an offer sounds too good to bo true*, it probably U. ■ Campers/ RVs -$2.00 first page, with each additional page S1 .00. Those present were Bud and Ruby Moen, Jarod and Yvonne Olson and Heather, Ryan and La Dawn Olson, Cody and Austin, Lyle and Becky Olson, Tracy Olson, Brand! This year we enjoyed coffee and Christmas goodies and exchange of gifts and a lovely time. Elk River -Arctk Cat; aad Jib-Shannon □tut, Sanihcona -Polarii. The coaches put her on the blueline this winter in an effort to help a young, inexperienced defense and to strengthen the team's ability to break out of their own zone with the puck. _ Mottt Ulmflf of Northland atretched-out trying to keep ttasca's Braiidon' Sc Tiurtz from getting off this second half shot during the Minnesota Community College Conference men's basketball game In Thief Rh/er Falls Friday.

Jun 27 2001 2001 Tlt Le: Tliltf Hivcr Fulls TIHRS 90:1 - ■ "■[he THIKF IMVt P KAIXS Tli W ~3r9^8--'d Loe-l v. Any person engaging 1n further reproduction fo this material may be liable for infringement. ' f ■"" Don Barron Tim Sayler looks from a Igloo of sorts, which was used as a win- ter shelter. The approval was a show of support, rather than a legal formality as state statute allows the chief of police to appoint whomever he chooses and does riot require : council approval; " Chief Haugen listed hisjeasons. city is not able to fund the Multi- County" HRA "Student ■ Housing .dcficit_o L.8_,232,fpr J? Fast Personal Service IPurctaing Programs lo% Down Program Ik Down Program ■No Income Verification Program Iself-Employed _ BATES ■ARE..'-":. Mnance Programs First Mortgages Second Mortgages Home Equity Loans up to 125% LTV All Credit Welcome ,000 - 4.65/mo. In the winter when we arc inside so much, this "urge" can cause problems. Office - 683-3231 i Worship Services: (Winter Months) Saturdays at p.m.: Praise and Bible study time at 4 p.m.: Prayer lime - at p.m.; Wednesdays; Mother's prayer circle meets ot u'.m.; Pathfinders meet ni 5 p.m.; Adult Bible study 'meets at 7 p.m; Friday: Youth Night at p;m. ia_ Strondquist at , Stephen at and Argylc at 9 a.m. Healthy people who could giyc blood bnt don t often have some . Without realizing how important ■ their blood donation could be for someone in heed, many give some ■of the following reasons giv- ing W6pd:' i: : . * "No one has ever asked me." Consider yourself invited! Thief River Falls Women of Today will sponsor a blood drive on ~ Tuesdayr January-23 from-l-to-7- and Wednesday, January 24, from 7 a.m. * "Other people must be giving enough blood." That is wrong. " You can safely donate blood every eight weeks on a regular basis. ATI materials used dur- ing the donation process are sterile and used only once. ' For I'm upending Chriiimax with Jciui Chriit ih U ycur. For it Ii beyond deicription, to hear an angel sing. The wives of both presidents lost their children while living in the White ' House. The meeting closed with the Lord's Prayer and table grace. "Notice I said a high-quality work force," Rolnick emphasized. IS, -ATCeby- J ttai Ier Comrh1ac^~ffia T(T T investment in ' cat; black and white male kitten, Jan. Animals may be claimed by providing ownership, Po und fees, license fees a nd a ny other .expenses incurred"T)y the department will be assessed prior to release. meet other families with preschool-age children may find 'what they're looking for with _the Thief River Falls Early Childhood Program (ECFE). Your Home Improvement Store Paint & Glass Interiors, Inc. VE-Y0UIKAI SO WHY TRUST JUST ANY — COMPANY TO INSUM IT? Sponsond By: ■'■■•/' CORNERSTONE CHRISTIAN SCHOOL (Formerly Our Saytour's Cht^lan Academy) ^ Free WW Offering • Everyone Welcome F! We Can Help Hike The •TUNE-UPS • OIL & FILTER CHANGE •BELTS • HOSES • RADIATOR FLUSH • BLOCK HEATERS •AND MORE! Miami Is one of those places I would never, go unless I had a friend there with' an extra room. Your child can pretend to be a teddy bear as be or she wears the headband. Grand champion winners will advance to regional competition on Saturday, Feb. Winners at the regional competition will advance to the State Science Fair April 20-22 at' Rochester. The' club discussed adopt-a-grandparent as a possible community pride pro- ject. Kayleigh Jesme did a demon- stration of dog training with her dog, Euclid. Saturday's events opened with a bible study, of the Gospel of John and the Letter to the Galau'ans by ' Paul Beige of Luther Seminary. Berge showed how the structure of - Galatians was key to the Augsburg Confession and a Lutheran under- standing of the Church. Please allow more than 24 hours for Express Delivery Service. Therefore; no bids may be foxed directly to the School 'District. seats, ' p.w., p.l., CD, AM/FM tape, remote start- er, ,500/0.0.0., 6B1-U16. Sunday December 24, Taylor Leigh -Hanson — was — baptized — at Ihe Bethlehem Church. Monday, Christmas Day, Chuck and Sherry Olson hosted a Christmas potluck dinner. After dinner they played games and opened their gttla and enjoyed a good time. grandma Elaine Thompson drove to Warren and spent a lovely few hours at the home of Jim and Dawn Haugtvedt and family to celebrate our Christmas together again. Satttidiy Ccerrroerdal Setting 00 Daah For Caah - Pre 440 - Flnt-locy Vctllc MO, Thkf River Falli -Arctk Cat; 2nd. Ada -Arctk Cat Cat: 3rd- Rccd -Stenmark, Lanca Mcr •Polarii: Jdv Jmtin Winter. "We played three pretty strong periods, but did not capitalize on our opportunities " in the first two." One of the moves, pointed out Hanestad, was to shift Hoard from defense to center, where she played last year and was one of the state's top scorers. Goalie um - TRF, Meflau Clerk 10- 14-14-38; B/UVOe -Met ~ 10-1M3t35.^..

Township, The Polk County, was slightly injured by the acciden- Joumal lists Baptiste La Bree as one ' la] discharge of a gun.", of the supervisors. Be willing to look for other feelings behind the anger. Mark Chavez, executive direc- tor of Word Alone, .provided an update of Word Alone and the Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ (LCMC). This is a volunteer grass roots onjanization committed to the principles of Grace Alone, Faith Alone,' -and -Word Alone. Wednesday, January 17, 2001 COMMUNITY FOCUS Page 7- The Times MAELC announces new agricultural education grants * The Minnesota Agricultural three dollars requested for every Education Leadership Council dollar of available funding. Lueai Qenoreux, Chad Johnson; TRF goofio savoa - Dylrm Juh M 4. 12 - (Fargo Invltatlahal- Roundf S) Thief River Falla 9, Forgo Ftyora Brown U TRF goela • Tony Dom (2), Corey La Sa Oe (2), Robbie PWHip (2), Evan Jonas, Tyter Horlon, Dan Kaushaoon; TRF esslsta - . PLEASE ATTEND THE JANUARY 22nd SCHOOL BOARD MEETING OR CALL YOUR ELECTED SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS AND ENCOURAGE THEM TO AGREE TO ARBITRATION! The Bears shot just 32 percent from, the floor (18/56) and did not make'it to the line.

A month later, at ' These w,ere not the only misfor- . As you do this, you will show yourchildrcn by your.. For more information or to vol- unteer: email: renew Iutheran Oear Ui- 22 The next regular meeting of the Pennington County Humane Society Is Monday, Jam 22 at 6 p.m: in the meeting room' of the -Northwest-Regional Library.""" (Contributed by the Early Childhood Family Education department of School District 564.) Correction: A headline was incorrect in stat- ing that a conservation officer was retiring. Belcher, gional trails and waterways manager with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources at Bemidji. (MAELC) will be providing 'I am -very pleased that MAELC 1,000 in agricultural education has been able to support agricultural grants to high school v community education programs and initiatives organizations, FFA organizations in Minnesota in a wide variety of and institutions of higher learning. Thompaon, Kory Kozar, TRF goalie saves - Houston Wrko Wo 15. School District Office 681-8711 Steve Young, Chair 681-3386 Mike Barry 681-8526 Carl Clark 681-6742 Barb Kalinoski Jean Larson Mike Spears Randy Twistol 681-6816 681-4751 681-5765 681-6308 The 2/31/1 Sfil« T Ironman 250 brings racers to TRF . "We only had five fouls and nine turnovers/' pointed out Ueland. You should- n't lose too- often with numbers like that." The Bears finished with a 24-22 rebound-edge, but they turned the - boll over 20 times. Contml..17 15 24 72- Lake of the Woods & 17 10 7 42 MCC • Barry Pederson 13, Jake Dtstel 11, Tyler Ryba 14, Andy Larson 8, Joeh Larson 8, Keegan Kalvdraon 8, Zach- Holthusen 12, Ted Davidson 2. Jared Berg 7, Weston Domhecker 10, Levi Gubbete 2, Leonard Matthias 9. a m 08 Chany s-io Ex L Cab 4i2, *cd, "«r, ta,ooo ui ............

Jlbwn-af LNorth^- Anolher La Bree brother, whose name was Adolph,who was mar- ried to Emma Seversoh, was reported by the Red Lake Falls Era, a focal newspaper, as having visited Red Lake Falls in July. "Our grants program has been a tremendous success in assisting agricultural educators- across the board, especially in this era of ever- tightening budgets," said MAELC Grants Committee Cfiair Cliff Vrieze of Truman. Robert Doty of Isanti placed second to Mc Arthur inboth the semi pro final and Genii pro open. c._ in the way of clues when it comes to bumps and ruts in the track.

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