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When she had her son, both of the men were in the delivery room. I know I did, but taking it as far as getting involved with another man just doesn't sit well with me. Since that time, she has "dated" two other men and had a hook up with her ex husband, who has a history of STDs. I gave her an arrival about the dangers of STDs to an unborn child, told her I hope she has fun and haven't talked to her since. There's a time and place for dating and sexing AFTER the baby is born.

But even dating right after having a newborn doesn't sit well with me.

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Also, "don't date people who aren't over their exes." Neither of which can be easy to tell, but still.

One of the main considerations I would have is that in less than nine months, she's going to be a sleep-deprived, hormonal mess who literally isn't going to have any free time for months.

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If she doesn't respect the biological father, that is a bad sign. If I wanted to raise kids, I'd rather if they were biologically my own rather than somebody else's.

Just my opinion, not that I have any problems with the concept of adoption or step-parents.

Rely on your friends and family at this time Having a pregnant SO and/or a brand new baby is one of the hardest times in someone's life (very unstable), and a person who's only known you for a few months most likely will not want to deal with that: can't blame them!

would you really ask for that kind of commitment from a stranger? Im married but if i wasn't: I've never dated a girl with kids but I know lots of girls who have.

I don't plan on dating anyone but was very curious. I have dated guys with baby mama drama and hated it, so I agree with making sure the relationship between the two parents needs to be over with. I don't see myself dating for awhile and when I do the guy will not meet my kid until I have dated him for a long time and even then I'm scared to death. And if it were any more than that I would not trust the woman at all.

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