Megui not updating

This is the only log file I could find: Preliminary log file only.During closing of Me GUI the well formed log file will be written.

megui not updating-78

Me GUI is a video conversion application for Windows, which was primarily designed to be a DVD ripper, but is capable of many transcoding tasks.

It is essentially a frontend for many free tools, but also includes a number of utilities to enhance the conversion process.

Edit: upon reopening the new Me GUI (after converting a test audio file then closing the program) I'm prompted to update L-SMASH Works but am unable to do so, with the message "Error: Failed to download package L-SMASH Works: File cannot be found on the server." However, if I opt out of the update prompt I'm still able to use the program, at least to convert an audio file.

More Edit: upon reopening the new Me GUI on my old laptop there's no prompt to update anything and L-SMASH Works is listed as "package disabled". I did as requested above and received the error message "Me GUI encountered a fatal error and may not be able to proceed.

However, when I try to replace the 2418 core with the 2491 core and open Me GUI, I receive a message that "Me GUI cannot find at least one required component. " but when I click "Yes" I receive the error message "Me GUI encountered a fatal error and may not be able to proceed.

Without these components Me GUI will not run properly (e.g. Reason: Visual Styles-related operation resulted in an error because no visual style is currently active." then the Me GUI-Updater window opens and shows that Avi Synth portable is wanting to reinstall but no matter how many times I try it never actually does.

I've been using Me GUI (currently core 2418, data 2388, and libs 0.3.5) for some years, mostly to convert audio but with the occasional video re-encode, and was hoping that some kind soul could help me with an updating issue.

When I check for updates I receive a message that everything is up to date but at the latest core is 2491.

I have trouble updating Me GUI: [Error] Log -[Warning] Versions --[Information] [08-Apr-14 ] Me GUI: 2492 --[Information] [08-Apr-14 ] Operating System: Windows 8.1 Professional Edition x86 ( --[Information] [08-Apr-14 ] .

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