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Rumors emerged in 2016 that he was having an alleged fling with former ) backed up this claim by reporting that Lauer would go to great lengths to work his way back into Roque's good graces after his alleged infidelities.

"He bought Annette a 0,000 horse, and we said, 'Well, Matt must have been caught cheating again,'" a source told the website.

To the people I have hurt, I am truly sorry." later published a scathing report featuring stories from additional women who claimed they were victimized by Lauer.

There are times when the schedule of this job interferes with things I want to be a part of at home," he admitted.

He credited his "understanding bosses" for allowing him to take time off from work to attend family events.

He did his thing." His flirty behavior was even a topic of discussion when former reported that Roque filed for divorce from Lauer in September 2006 — just two months before giving birth to their son, Thijs, citing "cruel and inhumane treatment." She also claimed he was "extremely controlling" and was critical of her parenting skills. As shocking as the allegations were, we were even more flabbergasted when, one month after filing the divorce papers, Roque and Lauer reconciled.

However, the issues in their marriage reportedly continued for years, and magazine reported in April 2018, that Lauer was rarely speaking to Roque and the couple was "preparing for divorce" redux.

The couple clapped back and called the allegations "a work of fiction." . Following the sexual misconduct allegations and rumors that their marriage was spiraling into the abyss, alleged the couple had been living separate lives for years, with Roque spending her time in their Sag Harbor, Long Island home, while Lauer remained in their Park Avenue apartment to be closer to the NBC Henri continued to speak on his daughter's behalf, saying the marriage was irretrievably broken. However, we're sure he wasn't too far-off with his assessment about the state of her rocky marriage. The former TV host admitted he had issues with maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

"She is not going to stay with him and work it out," he said, adding that she was "shocked" and felt "sorrow for her children." "The situation is so bad," Henri said. "It's a challenge for me just as it's challenging for everyone else.

Their walk down the aisle signaled the beginning of a promising union, and while Lauer lived his life in front of television screens, he adopted a more private approach when it came to his second marriage.

Roque seemed content to be his phantom bride, frequently shunning public events and raising their three children: Jack, Thijs, and Romy behind the scenes.

"She's demanding that he delete her contact information from his phone." In the end, it appeared that there wasn't a leash short enough for Lauer.

Instead of attempting to rein him in further, Roque has reportedly washed her hands of him and their strained marriage.

She feels Matt's behavior has affected a lot of people and has embarrassed the whole family." While Roque dealt with the scandal, Lauer had a range of emotions he was allegedly dealing with, as well.

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