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“It's weird because we've never written about our relationship in that way or put ourselves out there as a couple before like we have on this record,” reveals Matt.

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So, you're spending your entire career failing, if that's your beacon of success. It was just this beautiful commercial of people dancing through different eras. The money was nothing in comparison to the exposure and how many people learned about our band through that commercial.

But, if you're like me and Kim, you're just happy every time you come back to town and there are a few more people there. You’ve had a lot of commercial syncs over the years, both for advertisements and television shows. The first one was for a Virgin Mobile commercial in Canada with "Yea Yeah." I remember being very nervous about—I put these in finger quotes—the "sell-out potential" of it. Then, the next one that came was a Bacardi commercial with "Daylight." The thing about this was A: it was the most amount of money we'd ever seen before, and B: it was this very cinematic commercial. It was as much a Matt and Kim commercial as it was a Bacardi commercial. It was one of the best things that ever happened to our band. There's a couple things we don't mess with.

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Until this album, we weren't like Sonny and Cher singing 'I Got You, Babe'.

It wasn’t a subject we felt the need to write about.

In the years that you've been doing this, there've been other artists who’ve been, say, "cooler" or more "buzzed about." And many of them have faded away, and here you are here, still doing it. I find that sometimes bands decide what it would take for them to be successful. That's when we're successful." Imagine the burden of that.

It's like how rarely does that happen for a band?

Spotify for Artists: Matt and Kim released your debut in 2006. It's not about trying to do things in steps to get other places.

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