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They were all building blocks to figure out how to truly fall in love with myself.

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So, I was 30 years old, single, pretty sure I wanted kids at some point and felt the clock ticking.

Now, I think-Wow, good for you for not settling and listening to that inner voice that was telling me this relationship is not right for you!

This will begin to raise your energy and you will just be happier overall.

As you know when you meet a new dating prospect, someone who radiates confidence and is passionate about their life is so attractive. Well, I was living in downtown Chicago at the time of my dating escapades.

In honor of Valentine’s Day and all the love talk, I thought it would be part enlightening and part hilarious to share some of my dating experiences. I’m taking responsibility and going to say I was a bit of a hot mess.

Now, that I look back I would love to have a lil sit down with my younger self over a glass of sav blanc and tell her ever so gently, Get your sh*t together, GF.

Instead of placing so much of my happiness in a relationship.

I’d tell her to explore her passions and enjoy every moment of this independence.

Of course, after you’ve gotten past the appetizer and let’s say maybe 3 dates, then bring up the fact that you’re looking for something serious. The problem was when it actually came to making plans, he’d almost always break them. If I went out with a guy on a first date and just wasn’t feeling the chemistry, I didn’t have the courage to come out and say that.

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