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The cards do not usually require a personal guarantor as eligibility is dependent upon the company’s financial records and business credit rating.

Therefore, card payments are the responsibility of the corporation rather than any individual.

Animal behaviour: personality and behavioural syndromes in passerines; behavioural plasticity; animal cognition Behavioural and evolutionary ecology: Interaction between haemosporidians and bird behaviour - adaptive value, effects and consequences for the host fitness and survival ).

International Conference "Wetlands: Functioning, Management and Restoration", 16 – 19 October 2011, Albena Resort, Varna, Bulgaria.

No Evidence for Displacement of Wintering Red-breasted Geese (Pallas, 1769) (Anseriformes) at a Wind Farms Area in Northeast Bulgaria: Long-term Monitoring Results.

Relationship between the Intensity of Nocturnal Migration Measured by Radar and the Anthropogenic Mortality of Birds.

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All Mate1 profiles registered in the EU prior to May 25th, 2018 will be removed from the service and your data will either be removed completely or pseudonymized in our databases.

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