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You didn't ask, but the truest Hegelian MLBer ever was Joc has cut his Ks to a perfectly reasonable level given his pop, and can play a solid CF.

It's an athleticism and swing bet, as he isn't as yolked up or long as your typical elite power guy and it's not an awful approach, perhaps just a bit raw for full season. I mean, his ratio of home runs to singles was lower in 2018 than in 2017, but it was still 1, which is pretty nuts.

He's such an extreme player, and I don't know that the extreme guys change that much.

(Jeffrey Paternostro)I will preface this by saying that I have not been scouting for that long.

I have probably been unaware of the talent of other teams while at games. I did my summer internship down there and attended far too many games.

(Rob Mains)Yes that format would drastically change my ranking on Gallo. He hits a whole lot of home runs is the gist of this comment. And I want to bathe in the calls of anyone and everyone and anyone who shall ever exist who doubted him.

He's a borderline top 2-3 round option at that point. I really just want everyone to acknowledge the the 15% walk rate, 36% strikeout rate, and 8% home run rate. Joey Gallo is our 3TO God, may he be praised, in perpetuity. He's also awesome because, in the midst of that weirdness and 36% strikeout rate (good gravy), he has still managed to be delightfully entertaining to watch. I have a tremendous amount of respect for the men and women who can do it.

Given his age, though, I think he's a 3-4 win guy for several more years, and that's something.

(Rob Mains)Well, you don't expect me to say "yes," do you, Henry?

*End rant* I would not make that deal from the Red Sox side, but I also wouldn't have my potential franchise catcher working on Monster bank shots. The thing about Gallo is that he doesn't need the power to fully play at the big-league level.

(Wilson Karaman)Unfortunately, sounds like we have to wait even longer to find out. I've long been lower on Gallo than many (preferred Mazara to him as far back as pre-2014, if not further), mostly due to the potential swing-and-miss and how it's ultimately going to let him function as a hitter.

(Top 101 Chat with Craig Goldstein)Speaking of Russell this right here is a fascinating question that comes down to how much you believe in their respective bats and defensive profiles.

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