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Timothy Mc Gee (Sean Murray) and Delilah Fielding (Margo Harshman) are two of the finest Feds to ever head into the field.

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Born on March 4, 1986, in San Diego, California, U.

S with white ethnicity, Margo Harshman is one of the sensationally talented and beautiful American actresses well known for her role on the Disney Channel series Even Stevens as Tawny Dean.

Terrified he was going to lose her, Mc Gee rushed to the hospital to give his full love and support.

Watch the heart-wrenching episode, "Double Back" (Episode 13, Season 11 of When Delilah learned that one of her cases at the Department of Defense had ties to an NCIS case, she brought more than just her advice to Di Nozzo and Mc Gee—she also brought along an informant she called Sampson. To get any information out of the steroid-slinging ex, Di Nozzo offered to arrange a coffee meeting between Sampson and Delilah, much to Mc Gee's dismay.

To make matters worse, he used the meal Delilah spent Once they'd moved past the dinner debacle, Mc Gee was ready to take this relationship to the next level.

At the end of the special 300th episode of NCIS, Mc Gee sat at his work computer and cracked a smile as he started to plan his proposal.

At the age of twenty-nine, Margo is one of the American actresses who has achieved success with a net worth of 00000. At the age of two, Margo entered into beauty pageants.

She also took part in Dance and Gymnastics by the age of three. Harshman met her first manager and began acting at the age of eight.

“Even Stevens” actress Margo Harshman, who played Tawny Dean on the hit Disney Channel series, has filed for divorce from her husband after only one year of marriage. Harshman indicated in court documents that she and Hooks separated on Oct. She requested that neither she nor her estranged husband pay spousal support.

According to TMZ, Harshman was married to Austen Hooks but filed for divorce in Los Angeles on Thursday. The “Big Bang Theory” actress also requested control of assets including a Los Angeles home, a dog named Bullet, a trailer and a Honda Pilot. She also reportedly wants the court to help them figure out who should have control of their gun safe and various firearms.

Mc Gee bent his knee in perhaps the most iconic space at NCIS: the elevator.

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