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While Riley did his best to keep Buffy from finding out his secret life, Buffy also wrestled to keep her secret life as the Slayer.They both came by each other during their duties when the vampire Spike, named "Hostile 17" by the Initiative, escaped and attempted to kill Buffy's friend Willow Rosenberg, but couldn't because of a Behavior-Modification circuit.During a simultaneous rescue, Buffy and Riley got into a fight in Stevenson Hall but failed to notice each other because Riley was wearing a military face mask, hiding his face while Buffy purposely covered the room in a blinding smoke by firing a flare gun.

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Marc blucas dating history

After Buffy and Riley hunted down a Polgara demon, the two passionately slept with eachother for the first time, also being the first time for Buffy to wake up after sleeping with someone and that person still being right by her side.

However, Professor Walsh watched them while they were in the act via a surveillance camera, so she attempted to get Buffy killed with a faux mission and a faulty taser gun.

While he was initially completely loyal to the Initiative, events such as Maggie Walsh's failed attempt to get Buffy killed and the discovery that she was the one who created Adam as a super-soldier, caused Riley to desire to leave the organization, but it was only when he helped to save Oz that he realized the extent of the Initiative's corruption and turned his back on them in favor of the Scooby Gang.

Riley then relocated in the burnt-down ruins of Buffy's old high school, Sunnydale High.

This feud proceeded in Buffy's dorm room where Riley barged in with his gun while Buffy and Angel were talking.

The men then argued before Buffy broke them up and explained to Riley that Forrest had been killed. It was discovered that Maggie Walsh implanted a Behavior Modifier in Riley after he joined The Initiative. I wanted to know why Dracula and Angel have so much power over you! I wanted to get you.” A year after he met Buffy, Riley became a full time member of the Scooby Gang, though his suggested methods and tactics were foreign to them.

The two then on continued to share an unspoken attraction to each other.

He realized his feelings for her after he punched Parker Abrams for making inappropriate comments about Buffy (as Parker previously had a one-night stand with her).

As he started to get violent and irrational, aiming a gun at an innocent civilian in a demon bar, Buffy convinced Riley to get some rest at Xander Harris' basement while she snuck into the Initiative compound with Xander in disguises to find out what project 314 was about.

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