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However, you have the option to use the Last Month Rule and contribute the full ,750 to each account, but you must maintain coverage for the following year.Otherwise, any amount over contributed to each account can be taxed and penalized.Other than that, the first 3 should almost always apply to adult children.

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Also notice that your children can each contribute up to the family contribution limit, separate from you and your spouse’s limitation. An important note: it is my duty to explain the Last Month Rule here.

Since coverage began in July, you are freely allowed to contribute 6/12 x $6,750 = $3,375 for the year for each of these accounts.

To keep things simple, assume you have had HSA eligible family insurance for everyone for a while (so no Last Month Rule effects) and you are smart and have your own HSA, but your spouse does not.

For 2016, the contribution limit for family insurance is $6,750.

HSA eligible family health insurance, they likely can open their own HSA? A common misconception is that only the policy holder can open a Health Savings Account.

This is not true, as a review of the HSA guidelines reveals that this restriction to the policy holder (read: you) does not exist.That means that even if junior is in university and making no money, he can still receive up to ,750 into his HSA account for 2015 from his loving mom or dad, or grandparent, or whoever. The mechanics lie within the definition of and eligible individual, or who can open an HSA, provided by friendly Publication 969.An eligible individual is defined as one who: The key one is really #4, in that an HSA holder cannot be claimed as a dependent on someone else’s tax return.Here are some additional advantages: One thing of note, is that you must file a Form 8889 for every HSA account that receives contributions or spends money, every year.That means that everyone with an HSA – you, your wife, any children – all need to fill out this tax form when filing you taxes each year.Obama Care covers one type of birth control per person from each of 18 FDA-approved categories at no out-of-pocket cost, although some plans have exemptions.

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