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Over the past couple of weeks I’d been e-mailing a woman who initiated contact with me.It was pretty apparent from the timing of the mails that she didn’t always have access to the web which I, being in IT, do.

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I think there’s nothing to learn from pointing fingers at the world’s injustices.

The real power comes from seeing the world clearly, assessing your role in why things happen, and deciding if there’s anything within your power to alter the future outcome….

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Now, I’ve heard plenty of horror stories about the guys that call several times a day but I don’t think I was approaching that territory. If so, why do we have the audacity to wonder why so many of us are still single? Since you’re a regular reader and commenter, I wanted to get back to you as quickly as I could.

As far as I was concerned, I was being considerate in asking when a better time to call would be. Anyone who’s been here before knows that I never ever EVER validate the person asking me a question.

Four days later, he checks in again to see if he can reach her. He returns home, and hears through the grapevine that she thought he was a good guy but was a little too “needy.”This drives me fucking nuts.

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