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After a plethora of complaints, Apple this week has posted a new support document acknowledging an issue with the i Phone 6s and i Phone 6s Plus that causes the battery percentage indicator in the status bar not to update as the battery itself drains.

This means that the battery percentage icon could display that you have much more battery life left than you actually do.

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First, plug in your Mac to a power source and charge it to full capacity, 100 percent.

After fully charged, leave it plugged in for about two hours so it sits at a 100-percent charge.

Click the tab at the top and glance down below for battery charts and statistics on current energy impact, remaining charge, time remaining, and battery drain over the past 12 hours.

When all else fails, make your battery someone else’s problem!

Battery calibration is easier than you might think.

You should basically just use your computer like you normally do, except let the battery show off every bit of its power.Closely monitor the battery percentage your Mac displays relative to your usage over the next day or two and observe if the SMC reset fixed the problem.Not only is keeping your battery calibrated important so that the battery percentage on your Mac stays accurate, but it’s vital for optimal battery health over years and charge cycles.Shut down the computer, but plug it in to a power source while off.Press the and power keys all at the same time — the former three must be the keys on the left side of the keyboard.The geniuses behind the Genius Bar at your local Apple retail store are probably capable of fixing the battery accuracy issue pretty quickly.

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