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Everyone asks him about it all the time and he tries to avoid the subject and talk about something else.If he is in the mood to say something about his unique feature – which has happened a few times in the past – he says he’s proud of his nose.The crookedness of his nose helps him tremendously every time he works on a funny role.

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His brother Luke initially discovered Owen and was reported to have been the one who called police.

Other sources report that it was his older brother Andrew who made the 911 emergency call.

When many people think of Hollywood’s stars, they carry the misconception that these individuals don’t have to go through any sort of depression or dark times.

Most people associate being a celebrity with glitz and glam, big paychecks, and a happy life.

Below is a general synopsis of what happened as well as how Wilson handled his experience. Wilson was covered in blood and in a state of confusion when discovered by his brother Luke Wilson.

Santa Monica Police received a call on Sunday at around P. He had tried to take his life at the age of 38 by overdosing on pills while simultaneously slitting his wrist.

So, if he had to blame someone, it would have to be his Irish-American parents!

The thing about the Zoolander star’s nose is, not only that it’s long, but also that it looks like someone has put a bit of tape over it and made it look ‘broken’. The poor guy broke his nose many times in the past and is now in a place where he goes to interview, only to have reporters ask him things like, whether he was born with this nose, when did he break it, how did he break it and so on…He makes it a point though, to make sure not even one picture finds its way to the press, that shows him with his nose as it was before he broke it.

Over the years, however, he has revealed that he broke his nose two times when he was a kid: once while fighting with other high school kids and once during a football game.

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