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Bryan has been drawing at …Kate Dwyer and Penelope Gazin are musicians, artists and co-founders of the online marketplace

They talk to Brent and Doug about making art, being in bands, growing up with creative parents, their fake male …Laura Weinbach is a musician and the sister of Brent Weinbach.

Doug is also joined by Poundcast favorite Johnny Pemberton. Doug is also joined by Nick Thorburn (Islands) and Brent Weinbach.

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Drew tells Brent and Doug what it's like to date boys and what's up with his new You Tube show "This American Drew."Doug's friend Carlos Ramos is a director, writer and artist. These guys talk about comedy, music and marriage, be sure to listen 'till the end because this conversation heats …Author Carmiel Banasky and Brent Weinbach.

Doug and Brent chat with author Carmiel Banasky about her new novel, relationships, internet fairies and movies, plus lots of Pound Puppy emails.

Byron even talks some shit, live on the gangster party line! Kyle Mabson is an American DJ, bassist, guitarist, drummer, vocalist, noise artist, producer and concert promoter.

He joins Brent and Doug to talk about about making a living as a musician, working with Primus, …Drew Kordik started out as an intern on the Eric Andre Show, now he's a TV Editor and director.

Discussions include weird gigs, living the dream as a musician and spending four months as a …

Over the next few weeks, we’re gearing up to launch an awesome new feature that will give you more control over your Bagel chats.

Be sure to check out and …Rikky Gage is the lead singer of the bands White Fang and The Memories, he's also one of the masterminds behind Gnar Tapes, Gnarnia and all things Gnar related. Big Wet makes "country trap" music and owns a few sushi restaurants around the country.

Doug recently met him while he was out and about last week and was an instant fan, so he invited him on the Poundcast with Brent …Brent and Doug talk to the hilarious Frankie Quiñones about his rising comedy career and but wiping techniques.

In the meantime, all your chats will now close after the original 7 day time limit without an option to extend.

As always, you will see the expiration date at the top of the chat, and you will receive a notification when the chat is about to expire.

We’re letting you know so that you can make the most of the 7 days with your Bagel, and try to set something up before the timer runs out!

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