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It is a bit of an unconventional relationship, as he and his girlfriend are polyamorous, so there will never be monogamous commitment (which I'm fine with).

I am the only other person who he is seeing, but we are just seeing where it is going right now.

Though we haven't had sex yet, we've essentially done everything but.

The most popular options are generally friends, just looking, a bit of fun or long term relationships.

We’ve been seeing each other for almost four months, but only the first 2 weeks were we in the same place.

I think that it's likely that it will eventually lead to a relationship.

We've been out four times, three of which ended up back at his place - first couple just varying intensities of making out.

In person I think this relationship would be very worthwhile, but it’s hard to see if it’ll be worth dating for 2 years before getting there and seeing if it could really work.

He’s the first and only guy since my ex (2year relationship, ended 8 months ago) that I’ve actually held any interest in. Really enjoying it, particularly in person, but not sure if it’s worth holding on to.

The closest actual city is at least at least three hours away.

I've only been messaged by three guys total, with 21 matches. Anyway, I've 'met' two guys looking for relationships.

The first I haven't met in person yet, but have a date planned (after exams). He's a model, funny, smart, seems to have potential.

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