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He spent thousands of pounds on international phone calls and sending gifts and money to her but in the following year she left him for a Belgian man, leaving him in a more depressed state than before.

"Having covered everything from sport to health and fitness with companies such as Men's Health and HITC, writing about the ridiculous antics of the Made in Chelsea crew is by far the most enjoyable." Louis Theroux launched his new series on Sunday, November 4th.

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Theroux moved with his family to England at the age of one, and was brought up in London.

He was educated at Tower House School and then at Westminster School, a public school within the precincts of Westminster Abbey.

Louis Theroux’s Altered States is a three-part series that airs on BBC Two. However, you can still catch the remaining two episodes as they go out.

Simply stick on BBC Two at 9 pm this and next Sunday!

v=CLss F25BJc U Enjoy 🙂 This TV show was originally aired in the UK in October 2000.

It’s quite scary to see how dated it looks, I mean it just feels like yesterday that we were worried about the millennium bug and looking forward to the 2000 Olympic Games. But the great thing about the marriage agency is that the ladies were individually screened.

Watch my boy diffuse some situation and generally ask some ballsy questions without getting himself punched in the face #alteredstates pic.twitter.com/Uu ZZETj Vx Y — Jade Arundale Gothard (@Jadearundale) November 15, 2018 Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends: Our favourite out of the two documentaries on BBC i Player is Louis Theroux’s debut production.

Now 48, Louis filmed Weird Weekends between 1998-2000 when he was in his late 20’s.

So many Westerners visit Thailand these days that good ladies get snapped up very quickly indeed.

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