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The two, who began dating in the summer, spent time away from the track after Montgomery's 100 metres world record of 9.78 seconds in September.But Jones said there was not a lot of time "to kick back" and enjoy life.Spacious and with the look and feel of a more modern venue, spectator attendance grew by around 50%.

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"I'm very much looking forward to taking up the long jump again and my body is feeling some of the beginning soreness of jumping again," said Jones, who has not competed in the event since taking the bronze in an unprecedented five-medal haul at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

"I have a renewed vigour for the event." Undefeated in 21 races over 100, 200 and 400 metres in 2002, Jones called the season a "hugh confidence builder for me".

"Not that my confidence builder was knocked off but it was jarred a little bit," the world's top-ranked 100 and 200 metres runner for six consecutive seasons said of her shock 100 metres defeat by Ukrainian Zhanna Pintusevich-Block at the 2001 world championships.

"To come back in 2002 and to win every single time I stepped on the track from 400 metres to 200 metres and, of course, 100 metres was a huge treat," said Jones, who had two victories over Pintusevich-Block among her 16 consecutive 100 metres triumphs in 2002.

As well as competition, training took place at Olympia.

At first this happened outdoors but during the Hellenistic period (323BC-31BC) the palestra and the gymnasium were built.

Zeus, King of the Greek Gods, was said to have taken up residence in Olympia around 1200BC when the Eleans conquered the surrounding area.

The fearsome deity marked his ascension by hurling a thunderbolt into the sacred grove from his home atop Mount Olympus.

The city state of Elis, the administrative centre of which was about a day’s walk north from Olympia, ran the Games throughout the vast majority of its life cycle, with the Eleans seizing full control from their local rivals the Pisatans in 572BC.

Despite the stadium accommodating more than 40,000 people during the height of the Games’ popularity in the second century AD, it always remained a deeply rural setting.

“We know that they actually planted the stadium with wheat,” Christesen said.

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