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The teen girl is kissing her lips, sucking her tongue, teasing her, making her want her lips on her pussy, her clit.

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It’s all about enjoying the moment they will both remember until the end of their lives.

That doesn’t mean this is their last sex session, but this excitement is something they won’t ever forget.

That’s why she makes a move and sneaks into her bedroom for some late night lesbian lovin’.

Her left palm on her mouth, her right hand on her cunt.

The horny teen girl immediately starts kissing her and fingering her pussy, while her husband is sleeping, only feet away.

“Yeaahhhhhh,” her friend’s mom moans back in a submissive voice.

Both of them know that this will last until they are sweaty and unable to move a muscle.

The last thing on their minds is what would happen if someone would figure out what is going on!

Busty MILF was always into guys, but once she met her daughter’s new friend, she developed feelings for her.

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