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Whether the name la costa rica was first registered by Spanish explorer Christopher Columbus during his final voyage in 1502 of by the Spanish Conquistador Gil Gonzalez Davila in 1522 historians today have not been able to establish an accountable fact.

▪ Costa Rica during the colonial period was recognized as the southwestern territory of the Capital General of Guatemala, an administrative division in Spanish America.

Formerly known as the Republic of Costa Rica Costa Rica is recognized as a country within Central America sharing its borders with Nicaragua to the north, Panama to the south east, the Caribbean sea east and the pacific Ocean in the West.

There are 81 cantones governed by a mayor in each of the seven provinces of the country.

The country offers many benefits, including tax exemptions, to foreign companies bringing business to the country.

▪ A large portion of the Afro-Cost Ricans who make up over 3% of the total population of Costa Rica are from Jamaican descendent who immigrated to Costa Rica and worked on the government contracted railway during the 1970’s to the Caribbean port or Limon.

▪ Costa Rica due to its geographical location between 8 and 12 degrees north of the equator is known for experiencing an all year tropical climate.

It is the only Latin American country to be listed as one of the world's oldest democracies.

The country has year-round tropical climates with differing micro-climates depending on the elevation of the region. Winter is the rainy season, and summer which does not experience precipitation.Facts about Costa Rica ▪ In 1949 Costa Rica became the first one of few crowned nations without an armed force having constitutionally abolished its standing army.▪ Costa Rica today is ranked as sixth in the world of Latin American countries within the Human Development Index and commended by the United Nations Development Program for achieving a much higher human development compared to other countries of similar income levels.Hermosa Beach Cam Surf Inn Hermosa hosts this live beach cam to demonstrate the consistency of the surf in Playa Hermosa, Central Pacific Costa Rica.Puntarenas The webcam is located in Puntarenas, Costa Rica. Hermosa Surf Cam Live streaming view of surf conditions at Hermosa Beach.Earth Cam has teamed up with My Playa Grande to deliver spectacular live views of Playa Grande, Costa Rica.

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