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** and I had a great first date and similar dating experiences.

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Right away I got a call from a matchmaker that wanted to review my file. I have 2 kids in their early teens and this man didn't have kids and couldn't understand the life. As it turns out, one of my matches wasn't available, so they were working on another.

I received my first match about 3 weeks after that and it was horrible! Long story short, this went on for almost 5 months until I was matched with **.

I have never got a phone call from LM to find out how my "so call dating went". I regretted signing their contract and paying all that money for a service that was so POOR.

When I called them, actually I sent an email, a woman with a little bit of a condescending attitude told me that they don't call that is up to me to call and let them know. **, the sales rep, promised me that there were a lot of candidates that would be suitable for me.

My last complaint I took to the head of office, 201-2100 Matheson Rd E, Mississauga, Ont. On January 8th, 2010 I returned to the office to follow up on my complaint. They took my $3000 for services they never rendered. ONTARIO -- I signed up with Lifemates at the end of December 2015, for the sum of 2,400$ in full.

Immediately I was greeted with a big thug demanding I leave. Only one date since then and the contact was nice but absolutely not my style.

Reviews from other websites (when Google-searched as "Lifemates reviews") are somewhat biased, outdated or not dated at all.

It's important for people to view BOTH sides before they make a decision to sign-up with Life Mates.

MISSISSAUGA -- On November 30 of 2005, I purchased a match referral service from Lifemates. On the occasion when I get through to complain and/or demand satisfaction, I am given another number to call.

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