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Callie is nervous about her date with Hahn and talks to Bailey about it, who says to set down some rules. Lexie is sure he passed and will take him out for a beer regardless.

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Chief Webber and the hospital staff are dismayed when they learn that Seattle Grace has fallen from its number 2 rating to number 12.

Christina messes up a stitch on a liver and a man dies. Erica Hahn observes other attendings in her attempt to learn how to teach.

During the surgery, everyone is horrified when Meredith drops a healthy kidney.

They clean it up and the woman who received the kidney seems to be doing fine. Hahn cries after sex saying that sex with Callie is so much better than with a man. Callie and Mark go get a drink and he gives her advice about dating women.

He offers to move out and she says she wants him there and he can have her mother's den.

He says she needs her own place too and gives her the trailer. Bailey orchestrates a domino surgery where six patients give kidneys and six receiving.

She has Alex burn the sweater she'd made for him, but she can still see him. Denny tells Izzie that he's real and they have sex.

Izzie gets called to the hospital and doesn't want to leave because she's afraid Denny won't be there when she gets back, but he promises he will.

The attendings unanimously choose Cristina for the solo surgery, but she is on probation for not reporting that the interns were practicing on each other.

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