Kid sister dating a trak

Having seen both female rapper Kid Sister and hip-hop duo Cool Kids at the Pitchfork Music festival and Lollapalooza earlier this summer I wasn’t completely blown away by what I saw.

But I simply checked it off as a case of location, not lack of talent.

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But that’s okay because girls gotta party too.” Kids Sister knows her target audience very well as most of her songs are about the trials and tribulations of wooing (or dissing) the boyfriend and she deals with the issue of superficial bling by empowering herself with a dose of glamorized girl power on “Pro Nails” and “Control.” The DJ ruled the night as the tunes poured out of the laptops, onto the spinning decks and out of the speakers as French DJ Mehdi and DJ Kavinsky took the show deeper into early Monday morning.

A-Trak has Fools Gold on the right path and some of the hype is warranted.

Encouraged by the burgeoning career of her younger brother Josh Young, also known as J2K of the Chicago DJ duo Flosstradamus, Young adopted the name and persona of Kid Sister in early 2006; with J2K as her DJ and producer, Kid Sister debuted with the giddy single "Pro Nails," which became popular enough as a digital download that Kanye West included a remix with his own guest verse on his summer 2007 mixtape Can't Tell Me Nothing.

That connection happened when Young began dating West's DJ, A-Trak (Alain Macklovitch), who also signed Kid Sister to his label, Fools Gold Records.

The first decade of hip-hop was filled with one-off novelty hits and comic songs, from the Sugarhill Gang's "Rapper's Delight" to DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince's "Parents Just Don't Understand." But the dual rise of socially conscious acts and first-generation gangsta rap in the late '80s largely quashed novelty hits in hip-hop for the next couple of decades.

But even in the relentlessly forward-moving world of hip-hop, nostalgia occasionally crops up, and that's where Kid Sister comes in.

Following a second single, "Control," and an appearance on the MTV reality show My Block, Kid Sister released her debut album, Ultraviolet, in late 2009.

, to a Canadian father Lison Benmouyal Macklovitch.

Fools Gold label co-founder and Canadian-native Alan Macklovitch (aka DJ A-Trak) got started rocking club crowds with his mix of turntablism and dance beats at a very early age.

In 1997, at 15, he won DMC’s World DJ Championship and after Kayne West discovered him in a French nightclub, he later found himself anchoring Kayne West’s 2004 Late Registration tour.

Favoring 1980s-style retro fashions, eyeball-scorching neon colors, and rhymes about nail salons, beepers, and the World Wrestling Federation, Kid Sister is a tongue-in-cheek throwback to the first golden age of hip-hop, when it seemed like anyone, even your kid sister, could have a hit.

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