Jsp code for validating email address

To benefit from the API, add the dependency to your dependency also.

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Note that the form bean is extended from class Validator Form and not Action Form as we generally do in Struts project.

In order to use Validator in our project we need to configure it in file. This definition tells Struts to load and initialize the Validator plug-in for your application.

It’s functionality has since been split so that validator can serve as the basis for a independant component and is now part of Jakarta Commons.

The Struts framework’s simple validation interface alleviates much of the headache associated with handling data validation, allowing you to focus on validation code and not on the mechanics of capturing data and redisplaying incomplete or invalid data.

In order to do form validation without Validator framework, one has to use validate() method of the form bean (Action Form class) to perform this task.

Also one has to handle error messages during manual validation.The definitions in this file use the logical names of Form Beans from the file along with the logical names of validation routines from the file to tie the two together.Using the Validator framework involves enabling the Validator plug-in, configuring Validator’s two configuration files, and creating Form Beans that extend the Validator’s subclasses.Create a simple java class and make it implement a pre defined interface so called 'Validator'. There are two methods in validator interface override them in your own class and write validation code in validate() method. Lot of fields that we validate require same logic to validate them, hence code is unneccessarily duplicated (if not managed properly).

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